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Mutharika Commends Vendors For Contributing to Country’s Development

By Yamikani Yapuwa

Malawi President Prof. Peter Mutharika has commended the role that vendors play describing them as an important aspect of the country’s economic development.

He said this on Thursday when he visited the vendors at Blantyre Flea Market where he inspected the market and interacted with vendors who ply their trade there.

“Apart from being a teacher, my father was a vendor who used to sell maize and other farm produce. All these enabled my brother Bingu and I to get necessary support to school.

“This means that vendors play a huge role towards the development of this country,” Mutharika explained.

He assured the vendors of government support in order to promote their businesses.

“In the budget to be table on Monday, we have aprovision of loans where you will be able to borrow and add to your capital. We have allocated K4 billion to YEDEF so that the youth have access to loans and make something better out of their lives,” the President said.

Mutharika expressed gratitude to the vendors for voting for him in the May 21 Elections saying they choose development over politics.

Chairman for Blantyre Vendors, Chester Mwale affirmed the vendors’ support to Mutharika administration.

“We work with the government of the day and we know that cursed are those who despise God given leaders,” he said.

Mwale assured the President that at no point would vendors in Blantyre engage themselves in the on-going demonstrations by Human Rights Coalition Defenders as they disrupt their businesses.

He appealed for small loans that will benefit vendors as well as the provision of sheds to shelter those selling Irish potatoes and other perishables in the market.

Meanwhile, Mutharika has ordered the Ministry of Local Government and Blantyre City Council to construct sheds for where Irish potatoes are sold as well as where deliveries of food stuffs are made.-MANA

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