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Musicians Union of Malawi (MUM) tips musicians to sell music online

By Moses Nyirenda

Lilongwe, Mana: Musicians Union of Malawi (MUM) President, Gloria Manong’a has advised musicians in the country to be selling their music and related products on reliable online music platforms, if they are to benefit from their work.

She made the remarks on Thursday in Lilongwe during a sensitization meeting which was organized by MUM to brief musicians about a new music website dubbed which among other things is aiming at helping the country’s musicians in selling their music and related products online.

Manong’a said that as MUM they have discovered the need for musicians to be selling their music and related work online due to the global advancement of technology.

“Musicians have been crying out side there that they are not benefiting anything from their products, in fact they felt like now there is no any market that they can use to sell their music and this happened because of the change in global systems like the technology itself.

“The advancing of technology posed as a challenge to musicians in terms of selling their products, but since there is an answer to every question and problem, we have discovered that it is better that we start selling the music using the very same technology and digital systems,” Manong’a said.

Manong’a (right standing)-speaks during the sensitization meeting-pic by Moses Nyirenda.

However, she bemoaned that some musicians in the country have been trying to put their music and associated products on some local websites where they have not been getting any reward for their work.

She therefore hailed the coming of saying that the website has proven to be of the benefit of musicians in the country.

“When I learnt about, I discovered that the website has something good that can come and meet the needs of the musicians in terms of funds and the likes and with the website I am hoping to see great things in the lives of my fellow musicians,” she said.

Manong’a further advised fellow musicians to utilize once it is in operation saying that help them to earn more rewards out of their work.

In his comment, Managing Director, Malankie Gondwe said that his website has been specially created to benefit the musicians in the country.

“ is all about; music promotion, sales, marketing and distribution, among other things through the website musicians will be taking 60 percent of their music sales monthly.

“Again the website has the features that the musicians can use as a tool for business such as, bookings and ticketing selling for events,” Gondwe explained.

According to Gondwe, the website is in its final stages to start operating and he urged all musicians in the country to be on the lookout for the music website as it will start operating soon.

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