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Miracle Chinga Releases ‘Mwapambana’ Album

By Blessings Kapina

Lilongwe, August 23, Mana; A Blantyre-based renowned gospel singer, Miracle Chinga whose real name is Miracle Moffat, has released her first album titled ‘Mwapambana,’ Malawi News Agency (MANA) has learnt.

In an interview, Miracle Chinga said the album is meant to give hope and encouragement to those going through various challenges in life. She said God is one to give them victory and abundant success.

‘’In life, we all go through afflictions and problems, despite that we should learn to trust and have faith in God who is our strength and hope,’’ Chinga said.

She said she came up with the concept Mwapambana after thinking about what people go through in life, for instance: shame, poverty, pain and hardships. As such she was inspired to produce the album to cheer up those without hope.

The Gospel Musician said people need to have faith in God as they go through miserable situations, knowing there is always victory and redemption to those who rely on the Lord all the time.

“I want to encourage every soul that we are loved by God all the time and we should not fear any evil because the Lord is with us to vindicate and guide us in all aspects of our lives.

‘’So, in every song I am trying to say have faith and hope, and trust in Him. I am reminding my audience that God is the miracle-working God,’’ she stated.

The album, produced by DJ Lobodo at Lobodo Records, has life-changing messages that will give hope and comfort, according to Chinga.

She said Mwapambana is her first album and that in it, she has composed everything by herself.

According to the young gospel female singer, launch of the album will be done when everything is set.

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