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Ministry of Health moves to promote Oral Health

By Moses Nyirenda

Lilongwe, Mana: Deputy Minister of Health, Enock Phale said his Ministry was committed to adopting various measures such as improving access to Oral Health Services in country’s hospitals, in a bid to promote oral health care in the country.

The Deputy Minister, Enock Phale made the remarks on Thursday during the launch of National Oral Health Policy which was held at Capital Hotel in Lilongwe under the theme ‘Redefining Oral Health for Malawi’.

He said that the launching of the National Oral Health Policy was the way forward towards promotion of oral health in the country.

“Over many years dental services and oral health care services have been implemented in a fragmented way in the country, hence the policy which has been launched is going to provide direction on smooth delivery of oral health care services in the country,” Phale said.

Phale-speaking at the launch of National Oral Health Policy-pic by Moses Nyirenda

The Deputy Minister added that the policy would help to facilitate infrastructure improvement saying that most of the oral health care facilities in the country are in dilapidated state hence this affects service delivery in the facilities.

“Because of the fragmentation and lack of special attention in the area of oral health care in the country, many oral health care facilities are dilapidated and this aids poor service delivery in the facilities.

“Therefore, the coming of National Oral Health Policy will unlock what have been missing in the country’s oral health care facilities and soon will see improved infrastructure in various oral health facilities in the country and it is very important that we now have this policy,” he said.

Phale said his Ministry would work with various stakeholders including Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) on health and communities in order to make sure that the new policy was fully implemented in the country.

Teethsavers International Country Director, Fred Sambani applauded the adoption of Oral Health policy in the country.

“The policy will help those working in the area of oral health care to understand how they should be working, particularly when it comes to the issues of following guidelines related to oral health care,” he explained.

The launching of the policy was among others patronized by; staff and students from Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS) under Dental Department as well as some doctors from different hospitals in the country.

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