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Ministry of Energy advocates for less energy consumption equipment

By Mercy Nsaliwa

Blantyre, Mana: As one way of preserving energy, the Ministry of Energy is advocating the usage of energy-efficiency refrigerators and transformers that consume less voltage under the Green Climate Project.

Green Climate Project is the project is being implemented by national framework for leap-frogging to energy efficient appliances and equipment (transformers and refrigerators) through regulatory and financing mechanism.

The project implementation is technically supported by the Department of Renewable Energy and Sothern Africa Development Community (SADC).

Speaking yesterday after the workshop in Blantyre at Crossroads Hotel, Principal Energy Officer in the Ministry of Energy, Gift Chiyala said the project needs to advocate for the distribution of energy efficient transformers and refrigerators.

“We also have a National Energy Policy which also contains the distribution. For now we had a policy equipment which we can use for the adoption to increase,” Chiyala said.

He added that they have plans for the distribution of these energy transformers and refrigerators and they need Malawi Bureau of Standards to measure and certify it.

Senior Climate Finance Specialist, Aurellen Pillet said that the project will be coordinated by Ministry of Energy, Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority, Ministry of Finance and procurement regulatory authority and custom Authority.

He, therefore, advised the stakeholders in conducting an awareness campaign to educate customers to know how to educate customers about the impact of energy efficiency on their overall operating costs.

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