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Minister urges NGOs in Kasungu to collaborate

By Samuel Phiri

Kasungu, Mana: Member of Parliament (MP) for Kasungu South East,  Khumbize Chiponda has urged Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working in senior chief Chilowamatambe to join hands and work together in making sure that local people benefit from the projects they bring to the area.

The MP who is Minister of Health made the statement during an interface meeting which Senior Chief Chilowamatambe organised with all NGOs working in his area.

Chiponda hailed Chilowamatambe for organising the interactive meeting saying it has helped to bring together all stakeholders who shared experiences in as far as project implementation is concerned.

‘Being the first in this area,  I would say it has been a very successful meeting seeing organisations coming together at Traditional Authority (TA) level and discuss with communities issues that matter and I am sure will bring a remarkable change to this area, ” she said.

Councillor for Chibothi Ward, Charles Mdinga thanked Chilowamatambe for the platform.

“This has been a heads up bringing together NGOs, community and the government officials to discuss how best to work together in achieving an equal goa,” he said.

One of the NGOs which took part is Parent and Child Health Initiative (PACHI) and Project Officer, Margret Mtekateka appealed to local communities that they should be cooperative and patriotic so that their implementation work be successful.

“The common challenge most of us has encountered is the lack of community participation, however it did not affect us much. As we are starting this year, we appeal to communities that we should work together as we will need their support more than before,” she said.

Senior Chief Chilowamatambe said he organised the meeting so that they should talk direct to NGOs working in his area and to expose ghosts NGOs who just claim to be in his area but have never been there.

After the meeting, Chiponda inspected a K22 million Police Unit project which the Chinese government has supported.

Among NGOs working in the area, Build-On, PACHI, COMSIP, Care Malawi and Kasungu Tigwirane Manja AIDS Support Organization (K2-TASO) showed up to the meeting.

On paper 24 NGOs claim to be working in the area but only 16 have visibility in the area.