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Minister Impressed With Social Cash Transfer E-Payments

By Maston Kaiya

Minister of Population Planning and Social Welfare, Mary Clara Makungwa says she is impressed with social cash transfer E-payment services provided by FDH Bank in Ntcheu district.

Makungwa made the remarks on Friday when she presided over the launch of E-payment program at Tchauya cluster in Traditional Authority (TA) Njolomole in Ntcheu.

Social cash transfer program, also known as Mtukula Pa Khomo, is a project reaching out to the ultra-poor and labour constrained households by providing them with monthly financial support to improve their lives.

“I am impressed with the E-payment method. This is the first cluster to have such method in the district and I really commend the implementing partner FDH Bank,” said Makungwa.

Makungwa observed that it was impossible for ultra-poor people in the remote areas to have money and a bank account.

“People who have money and bank accounts were people living in towns, business people, and working class people among the few others,” said Makungwa.

She said government intends to roll out the program across the country.

FDH Financial Holdings Public Relations Officer, Lorraine Lusinje said the Bank signed a four years contract with government to provide E-payment services to 15,400 beneficiaries every month in 93 pay points across Ntcheu district.   

“We commenced the payments in May, 2018 and so far we have registered and opened accounts for about 13,804 beneficiaries across the district,” said Lusinje.

She further indicated that the Bank is looking beyond the E payments done in Ntcheu and would like to offer the services to the whole country.

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