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MBC Award Winner Off To China

By Tiwonge Ndau

Malawi Broadcasting Station (MBC) Innovations Award winner on environment, Getrude Mlanga is off to China for a month long training on environment and climate change.

Mlanga, 25, who won the MBC Innovations Award in 2018 is the first one among all 2018 winners to travel to China for the training.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) before her departure at Chileka International Airport on Tuesday, Mlanga said she was very much overwhelmed with her trip to China saying she did not see it as a possibility for her to achieve such.

I want to train more youth-Mlanga

Mlanga explains: “In China I am expecting to learn how China handles these issues of environment and what leaf I can borrow to help my country make strides in environment management.

“I want to learn most on how we can recycle products in Malawi so that Malawi too can advance in the area of recycling things for the betterment of our environment and economy.”

Mlanga said when she comes back from China she will train more youths on how to recycle various products so that they can keep themselves economically empowered.

“My aim is that in five years’ time I should be a creative guru, training more and more youths in the recycling industry. I want to impart my talent to others.

“I advise my fellow youths not to give up on their dreams. The only way to achieve extraordinary heights is to stick to our ambitions and work on achieving them,” she said.

MBC Director of News and Programs Vincent Khonyongwa said as MBC they were very pleased to learn that the Republic of China had lived up to its promise of providing training to those people who have won the Innovations Award.

Mlanga who is a Chancellor College Bachelor of Arts in Humanities graduate hails from Traditional Authority (T/A) Njema in Mulanje.

MBC Innovations Award take place every year and the winners from various categories under the China sponsorship go to China at random to learn extended skills for them to excel in their various fields.

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