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Malawians Urged To Invest In Mozambique

By Martin Chiwanda in Tete, Mozambique

Tete, October 5, Mana: Malawi High Commission in Mozambique, Frank Viyazhi has said Malawian investors are losing out as they are not making use of the trade investment opportunities available in the Portuguese speaking country.

He made the opportunity known to Malawians in an interview Monday at his official office in Tete, Mozambique.

Viyazhi pointed out that Mozambique as a country has business opportunities in different aspects which Malawians could make use of them.

“There are huge trades opportunities which Malawians are not make use of. These opportunities if they are utilized, then Malawi can develop,” the High Commissioner noted

Viyazhi said the only thing the Malawians are supposed to do is to know the Mozambican special economic zones for them to effectively invest in the country.

He revealed that the Mozambicans have a culture to food of which Malawians could use that opportunity to invest in it.

“People have a culture of growing food crops but they still have a long way to go in terms of production. For instance, there are a lot of food stuffs that goes to Zambezia province which is not enough.

“So Malawians can grab the opportunity and start investing in Mozambique for their benefit. There is business stability in the country,” Viyazhi assured.

He said the Presidents’ visit would accord Malawian investors to explore their business opportunity prevailing in the country.

The High Commissioner added that the two countries need to make use of their bilateral trade agreements that are use to full potential

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