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Malawian Pastors Urged to Invest

By Rodney Majawa

Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) Blantyre Synod has urged it’s serving Pastors to invest realistically for their next life, besides their vocational career.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) Tuesday at the Synod’s Secretariat, Deputy Secretary General, Rev.  Moyenda Kanjerwa said time has come to defy outdated mindset for the pastors to shun investment strides.

“As synod, we simply call upon serving reverends to engage into investing for their future, besides improving already existing pastors’ welfare policy,” he told Mana.

Rev. Kanjerwa said he was quite aware that certain outgoing Pastors end up in destitute conditions, mainly due to their negligence to partake income generating activities and our erratic insurer’s policy remitting package.

He said the aforesaid factors contribute so greatly to most church ministers’ destitute status especially during their ‘life after ministry.’

Rev. Kanjerwa continued that Synod cannot condone such untold life pattern some Pastors undergo as such all 61 Presbyteries are being critically called upon to change their mindsets so that they engage into investing of some sort to prepare realistically for the next life.

In addition the congregation should encourage their spiritual ‘overseer’ to engage into cultivation/ gardening activities, rearing of domestic livestock’s, partaking in small and medium entrepreneurships amongst investment strides.

On this, he bemoans tendencies portrayed by certain church members who perceive Pastors as supernatural figures.

He said they are equally human beings, as such they too must invest for their future; surely they wouldn’t end up in destitute conditions.

“Overture is an expression of defying mindsets that cannot uplift one’s realistic welfare, and our Synod University has been spotted as an ideal platform where holistic review of our pastors’ welfare policy must be brainstormed sooner than later,” Rev. Kanjerwa disclosed.

He went on that lack of diversifying or maximizing the existing welfare policy has fuelled tough economic situations within the synod.

The Deputy Secretary General admitted that the synod is very willing and humbled to learn from other churches’ welfare policies that augur well with the transformation strides among synod’s retired ministers.

He finally observed that such mindset must begin right from congregational set up then at presbytery level before it reaches the secretariat; every pastor must now embrace the mindset.

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