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Malawi Police to Deploy Officers at Msundwe

By Felix Kapatamoyo

The Malawi Police Service (MPS) says it is ready to deploy officers to Msundwe and Mpingu police units in Lilongwe if communities there renovate its offices which were destroyed four months ago.

MPS National Spokesperson James Kadadzera said in an interview on Sunday that MPS has not deserted the two places, saying they are also concerned with the absence of the police officers at the units since community members are finding it hard to access security sevices.

He said police still operate in the communities of Msundwe and Mpingu from the parent police stations through patrols and enquiries.

“We do not abandon a place. We are operating from parent police stations to do patrols and enquiries in the area,” he said.

When asked if the Malawi Police Service has any plans to upgrade the two police units into police stations, Kadadzera said it is the responsibility of the community members through their local representatives to take the issue to the parliament.  

Msundwe and Mpingu police units have not been functioning for over four months now after the two facilities were set ablaze in post-election violence,-MANA

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