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Home » News » Malawi Peace and Unity Commission (MPUC) calls for peace ahead of elections 

Malawi Peace and Unity Commission (MPUC) calls for peace ahead of elections 

By Abubakar Kanjoka

Chairperson for Malawi Peace and Unity Commission (MPUC), Mary Nkosi says it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that peace prevails in the run up to September 2025 general elections.

Nkosi said this on Thursday at Kachokolo Headquarters, Traditional Authority (T/A) Wimbe in Kasungu during an orientation of members of the newly established Wimbe Area Peace and Unity Committee (APUC).

She said experience shows that conflicts tend to be rampant during elections period, disrupting societal order and leading to destruction of property and loss of lives.

“We are establishing APUCs to help resolve both political and non-political conflicts which may arise, thereby contributing towards peaceful elections and also to ensure that there is peaceful coexistence of people despite their political and other differences.

Nkosi, there must be peaceful coexistence

“We would also like to take this opportunity to urge all the political party leaders and authorities to help preach unity and love amongst followers to foster peace and unity during this time,” Nkosi said.

Senior Chief Wimbe applauded the APUC initiative saying it is the right step towards the creation of peaceful communities where people coexist.

“I would like to make an assurance that the committee will get all the necessary support. There are so many conflicts taking place in the communities such as land and chieftaincy wrangles and political violence which need peaceful resolution.

“With the establishment of this APUC, there is hope that such misunderstandings will be resolved quickly before they graduate into physical confrontations,” Wimbe said.

In his remarks, Vice Chairperson for Kasungu District Peace and Unity Committee (DPUC), Mphatso Mbewe said there are plans to have at least one APUC in every T/A by the end of this year.

With Funding from the Japanese Government through United Nations Development Programme and the Government of Malawi, MPUC is supporting DPUCs in establishing APUCs as grassroot peace structures in TAs.

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