Malawi National football team’s worst Defeat

By Michael Kachitsa

The Malawi national football team, nicknamed The Flames, represents Malawi in international football and is controlled by the Football Association of Malawi. Before 1966, they were known as the Nyasaland national football team.

Nyasaland which was the name of the country Malawi before independence lost 0–12 against Gold Coast then, now called Ghana (Malawi; 15 October 1962). This is the Malawi National Football team’s biggest defeat, which happened in the African cup of nations. The game was played in Nyasaland (Malawi), Blantyre at Rangeley Stadium now Kamuzu Stadium. The stadium was originally named Rangeley Stadium during the colonial era to commemorate British civil servant William H. J. Rangeley.

Malawi 8–1 Botswana Malawi; 13 July 1968 is Malawi’s biggest win. A feat that was repeated when Malawi beat Djibout in 2010 by the same margin.