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Malawi Legal Aid Bureau cerebrates anniversary

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By Martha Simchimba

Malawi Legal Aid Bureau says it has expanded its operations in service delivery and human resource in the nine years of its establishment.

Malawi Legal Aid Bureau Director, Trouble Kalua, was speaking in Lilongwe on Friday during celebrations marking the Bureau’s nine years of existence.

He said the Bureau will continue to provide legal aid, legal advice and legal assistance including representation in any court, tribunal or similar body to the indigent in the country.

“As we speak we have made tremendous achievements. We have 48 lawyers and over 50 paralegals. This means our institution is one of the largest government department that operates under one roof.

“We have managed to register over 23,000 cases. We have also migrated from paper work to a new electronic case management system. This is a milestone for a government institution like ours to be able to collect data electronically,” he said.

Kalua said the Bureau is working with Malawi Law Society in implementing the probono scheme, collaborating with Women Lawyers Association and also passing the paralegal advisory services in a number of cases.

Law Expert, Ayuba James, commended the work that Malawi Legal Aid Bureau is doing by contributing to people’s awareness about the rights they have under the law.

“Considering that the Bureau is operating under very limited resources, I would say they have done a very tremendous job as they have increased people’s access to legal services particularly those that cannot afford to hire private lawyers; for this I give them credit,” he said.

The Malawi Legal Aid Bureau started its operations in the country on 15th March 2015, with 35 employees. Meanwhile, they have over 200 employees in 21 districts across the country.

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