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Malawi: Huge Potential For Tourism Sector

By Tione Andsen

Malawi has huge potential in the tourism sector which can help to create employment opportunities and worth.

Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi, Dalitso Kabambe said this Monday evening at Egyptian Ambassador’s residents during a dinner hosted for H& R Co Founders of Egypt in Lilongwe.

He said the flagships projects to be implemented in Mangochi, Lilongwe and Blantyre with the financial assistance from Afrimex Bank of Egypt offer the country an opportunity to market its tourism potential to foreign investment.

“The flagship projects include the construction of new international airport in Mangochi, Hotel resort, logistic park and industrial parks which will in the long run be able to create employment and worth for the country,” Kabambe explained.

He said the country’s economy has stabilized for the past three years but that alone is not satisfying as people are looking for more job creation and worth in order to improve their living standards through tangible investment in the tourism sector.

The Governor said three months ago government and Afrimex Bank signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in for the implementation process with the cooperation the Egyptian government.

“We have identified three companies from Egypt which will be involved in the flagship projects and we are expecting more foreign investors to be attracted,” Kabambe added.

He describe the visit by the H& R Co-founder as another milestone in the implementation process of the projects adding that they would like to make video and picture programmes for the country that includes  tourists attraction  destinations to be showcased throughout the World.

The Government pointed out that the Egyptian firm has huge potential to unlock the potential investment opportunities for Malawi through their documentaries.  

Egyptian Ambassador to Malawi, Hassan Shawky said they want to see Malawi at the heart of international tourism.

He said has all the attraction and very secure country to unlock their tourism potential.

“With the help of the Reserve bank of Malawi, we are hoping that the documentary will help to market the country’s tourism potential,” Shawky added.

H & R Co founder, Rasha Serry said they are geared to market Malawi’s potential to work as a service provider

She said they have expertise to market African products to the rest of the world in order to unlock the tourism potential prevailing.

Minister of Information, Civic Education and Communications Technology, Mark Bottomani said this cements the growing diplomatic relations between the two countries.

He pointed out that the collaboration in the implement of the project would further add to the already existing working relationships between the two countries.

During the dinner, Ministry of Industry, trade and Tourism, Salim Bagus and Minister of Sports, Francis Phiso were in attendance and some media houses such as Malawi, Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), Malawi News Agency (Mana) and Nation Publications.-MANA

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