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Malawi Govt Revises Maize Price

By Blessings Kapina

Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development has revised the price for buying maize from farmers from K150 to K250 due to what it describes as slow inflow of maize  to ADMARC Markets.

In a statement signed by the Secretary for the ministry, Gray Nyandule Phiri, government, through ADMARC has been buying maize at the recommended price of K150 per kilogram (Kg).

“However, upon noticing the slow pace of inflows to ADMARC, Government has further revised the buying price to K250 per kilogram for all maize delivered to ADMARC depots and K230 per kilogram for all maize delivered to ADMARC rural markets,” says the statement.

“We revised the buying price in an effort to attain national food security goals and considering that maize is a staple food for Malawians,” the statement further reads.

Government also says in a statement it will seek importation of maize from suppliers who are already identified within and outside the country to secure enough maize by November 25, this year (2019).

The government has since appealed to farmers and traders who are keeping maize stocks to bring it to their nearest markets or depots before the expiry of a two-week period to avoid missing an opportunity of selling their maize.

“We are requesting farmers and traders who have maize stocks to sell at K230 per kg or deliver a minimum of 10 metric tons to any ADMARC depot to be bought at K250 per kg,” the statement says.

 The stocks for the strategic grain reserves (SGR) are acquired through procurement by National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) and ADMARC.

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