Malawi Government wants proper waste disposal

By Anjoya Mwanza

The Ministry of Local Government has urged councils in the country to partner with households and business communities so as to provide proper social economic services to citizens of Malawi.

Deputy Minister of Local Government, Hon. Halima Daud said this over the weekend during an inspection visit to Blantyre City Council aimed at ensuring that there is provision of good sanitation and environmental services in the local authorities.

Daud said in line with decentralization policy, councils are mandated to ensure that the environment is always clean, hence the need for a clear and orderly way of disposing of wastes in the councils.

She added that the ministry’s role is to monitor and inspect the councils so that they are working in line with the decentralization policy.

“One of my ministry’s mandates is to ensure that councils provide social economic services to citizens of Malawi which include established good sanitation and environmental services.

“The ministry, therefore, has a role to supervise and inspect councils to ensure that local authorities effectively and efficiently provide the services,” said Daud.

She said while the councils provide adequate waste collection containers, they should also ensure that they collect the waste to appropriate dumping sites in good time.

“On the other hand, households and companies should provide containers large enough to keep the waste until the next collection day as advised by the council,” explained the Deputy Minister.

“It is sad to note that only 16 per cent of the population of Blantyre City is connected to the sewer system.

“Companies and individuals should construct proper sewer system that connects to that of the council. In the same way, councils should repair the sewer systems so that they serve their populations,” she said.

The minister then advised the city council to engage citizens that live and work along Nasolo River in the district to stop polluting the stream, which also leaves Mudi River dirty and stinky.

“The council should engage the people and companies so that all the illegal structures and toilets along the river should be demolished. There should also be a proper way of investing from the waste,” she advised.