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Malawi Embarks On COVID 19 Surveillance Survey

By Alice Mambosasa

Blantyre, October 15, Mana: The Public Health Institute of Malawi in the Ministry of Health is conducting a survey titled “Community and Facility – based COVID 19 Surveillance in selected districts in Malawi.

Speaking during media briefing on the survey in Blantyreat the Health Office on Wednesday, Blantyre Health Promotion Officer, Chrissy Banda said the survey aims at understanding of prevalence of COVID 19 in the country and risk factors associated with COVID 19 in Malawi.

“The results of the survey will be helpful to the participants and the country because participants will know whether they are infected with the virus or not and if they test positive, they will be managed in line with the national guidelines.

“As for the country, the survey will help the ministry to plan activities to lower the spread and it will also help policy makers in planning and implementation of response activities for COVID 19,” Banda explained.

District Medical Officer, Fatsani Gunda who was also in the briefing, said there has been a number of surveys that have been conducted but all have one purpose which is to lower the spread of COVID 19 despite that people have started not to be following the COVID 19 measures.

“We have observed that a few people are following the COVID 19 measures.

“This is happening at a time schools are opening, sporting activities and celebrations like weddings have resumed which puts more people at risk of getting the virus,” Gunda said.

Gunda added that COVID 19 cases may continue reducing if people continue following measures like washing hands, wearing masks, 1 metre distancing and hopes that the survey results would also reveal how the measures have helped in the fight against the spread of COVID 19.

The survey started on October 12 and is expected to be completed within the month of October with support from Norwegian Institute of Public Health, United States Centres for Disease Control and, Luke International Norway and Management Sciences for Health – Onse Health and International Training and Education Center for Health Malawi.

As of Wednesday, Blantyre had registered no COVID 19 case and no death for the past 24 hours.

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