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Malawi Draught Team Moves Three Steps Upwards On Global Ranking

By Blessings Kaunda

Malawi has done it again, as two Malawi Draught International masters find their way into a ‘no-fly zone,’ for African athletes, which is a rare achievement in the world top 30 prize bracket in classic games.

In an interview with Association of Draught in Malawi (ADMA) General Secretary, Suzgo Nkhoma, said international masters, Enock Banda and Moses Winesi have finished on positions 25 and 28 respectively, making a record in draughts history books.

“They have become first African athletes to break into top 30 since Africa started participating in the World Draughts 64 Championships in 2013,” Nkhoma said.

He said the competition was tough as it comprised 62 strong athletes from more than 25 countries across the globe like Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Germany among others.

“Our own athlete, Humble Bondo beat International grandmaster, Michael Semianiuk from Belarus and he made headlines on the international scene.

“However, in the main Classic Tournament, Malawi has completed in top 30, this is the first time for African Athletes to clinch the position at the world level,” Nkhoma said.

He added that Malawi has secured prize bracket positions in all tournaments starting with mini-tournaments, Brice and, Rapid and Classic, the best being 16 in Rapid opening tournament.

“All Malawian athletes have made it to the prize bracket positions. Malawi has again maintained being the best in Africa so far,” he added.

Moses Winesi who is among the top 30 athletes, said he was happy to be associated with success in World Draught Championship.

He said World Draught Championship is over. However, he said he looks forward to African Championship to be held next year (2019) at which he wants to maintain the position.

The championship has been won by Mikhalchenka Ihar, an athlete from Belarus.-MANA

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