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Home » News » Malawi Aquatic Union (MAU) APPLAUDS Chang’anamuno after FINA Swimming World Cup

Malawi Aquatic Union (MAU) APPLAUDS Chang’anamuno after FINA Swimming World Cup

By Twimepoki Mangani

The Malawi Aquatic Union (MAU) has hailed Tayamika Chang’anamuno for her performance during the 2022 International Swimming Federation (FINA) Swimming World Championships held in Indianapolis, United States of America.

22-year-old Tayamika Chang’anamuno represented Malawi on the global stage by competing in 4 events.

Speaking to Malawi News Agency (MANA), General Secretary for MAU Beatrice Makwenda said Chang’anamuno’s results are a positive trajectory towards future competitions such as the Paris 2024 swimming competition.

“As MAU we are pleased with Tayamika’s progress and time improvement in such a short period in which she has been training with Azura Florida Aquatics,” she said.

Makwenda further said Chang’anamuno who is in USA for a year-long swimming scholarship has a chance to train with other athletes at a top level in a competitive environment.

“The scholarships offered by FINA are very good as they have allowed Tayamika to train with the required facilities, the right coaching expertise and a well-rounded training program which includes nutrition, fitness and competitive swimming expertise,” Makwenda said.

Tayamika Chang’anamuno expressed absolute delight with the proceedings of the world cup since she was able to surpass her previous records in all her events.

“My world cup experience was very successful. I was well prepared since I knew I would compete on the world stage. Throughout the 3 days I competed in 4 races which were 50 meters (m) freestyle, 100 m freestyle, 50 m butterfly and 100m backstroke and I was able to drop and improve my personal best times,” she said.

Fully appreciating her current care taker club Chang’anamuno said Azura Florida Aquatics ensured she was in shape to compete in the world cup.

“I have been training with Azura Florida Aquatics for almost three months now and I can already see the results from the training. I’m excited to get back to work and see how much more I can accomplish in the future,” she said..

In the pool length of 25 meters Chang’anamuno had a time of 30.17 seconds in the women’s 50 meters freestyle, 01.10.14 in the women’s 100 m freestyle, 35.27 seconds in the women 50 m butterfly and 01:18.98 in the women 100 m backstroke.

Her 50 m freestyle was better than that she produced this year at the 19th FINA world Championships in Budapest which was 30.81 seconds.

The Swimming world cup is done in series, it started off in Berlin Germany from October 21-23 then moved to Toronto Canada from October 28-30 and the  final was held in Indianapolis from November 3rd -5th.

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