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Major to Drop ‘Bullet In The Head’ Single

By Blessings Kapina

Lilongwe, October 7, Mana:  A Lilongwe-based hip hop musician, Jeered Major, whose real name is Samson Tamapemba, is planning to drop a video and audio single on a new project titled ‘Bullet in the Head’ .

Speaking with Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Wednesday, Major said, Bullet in the Head is a love song which is warning some men who use money to woo other people’s girlfriends or wives thereby snatching them.

“Nowadays there is a tendency of snatching other people’s girlfriends which is bad. In the song I’m trying to warn people not to fall for that because such behaviour may cost their lives,” he said.

In the song the artist goes like ‘Waine ndekha someone will face the consequences’ warning people not to dare playing around with his girlfriend.

Major said, the single is advising people to desist from such a behaviour saying they will meet other people who do not hold themselves and they will end up being injured.

The song is composed for both the unmarried and married.

Major said by listening to it people would know of the implications of such a behaviour.

“For us to avoid conflicts we must abstain from this kind of life and make sure we do not play with people’s lovers,” he said.

Major revealed that the single has featured dancehall artists because he wanted it not to be an ordinary song but Jamaican love, like gangster love hence the concept.

Produced by Henwood and featuring dancehall artists such as K Stivo and S.J, the single will be available on, and on You Tube.

Both the video and audio of the single will be released together.

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