Machinga DPD commends Government for Geo mapping exercise

By Haneeph Maulana

Machinga, Mana: Machinga District Director of Planning and Development, McPherson Mwakhwawa has commended governments geomapping exercise for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), saying it is helping in equitable distribution of resources.

Speaking in an interview Thursday, Mwakhwawa said previously the district had a lot of NGOs operating but too little was done on the ground in as far as transformation of lives in the district is concerned.

“At first, we had almost 53 NGOs operating in the district, but after initial assessment we came up with 49 organizations that were registered with the NGO Board,” he said.

Mwakhwawa added that the mapping exercise has helped the district in the allocation of the NGOs in hard-to-reach areas such as traditional authorities Ngokwe and Nsale.

“There could be much that we could have done as government as well as our partners such that we flashed out those briefcase NGOs and we are now assisting large numbers of vulnerable people in those areas,” said Mwakhwawa.

On his part, Mposa Area Development Committee Chairperson, Saidi Makwemba said the initiative has promoted transparency, accountability and active participation by communities in development projects.

“With support from NGO Board, we now know how to monitor the project operating in our areas in terms of financial issues which is now enhancing transparency and accounatbilty,” said Makwemba.

Makwemba said the geomapping exercise, has among others yielded the coming in of more organizations in the area which includes Islamic Relief working towards maintenance of irrigation schemes in the area of traditional authorities Chamba and Mposa.

Machinga NGO Board is expected to conduct another geo mapping exercise early in 2022 following the expiry of the 2020/2021 geomapping in December this year.