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Love, Respect Mothers- Chimulirenji

By Ireen Mseteka

The Vice President of the Republic of Malawi,  Everton Chimulirenji has asked people in the country to love and respect their mothers for the tireless work they render to their children.

He made  the call Tuesday at Edingeni headquarters in Mzimba where the Mzimba Heritage  Association (MZIHA) organized the 2019 mothers’ day commemoration.

The Vice President said mothers play a vital role in taking care of their children from birth hence they deserve respect and love.

“Anyone who gives birth is a mother, when I see a woman, I see my mother, that is the reason why I am here to celebrate with you for the love of our mothers, they are never tired of taking care of us, so they need to be loved,” explained Chimulirenji.

He said every Malawian has the duty to appreciate the role and efforts all mothers  play in bringing up their children.

Chimulirenji then advised all people to ensure they commit their prayers to God for the love of their mothers.

“A mother is a source of our happiness and our blessings. Since birth and from the time we opened our eyes on this earth, mothers have been there for us, so we need to respect them, ” he said.

However, he bemoaned  the tendency  by some people who disrespect their mothers by beating then. He said this is sinful before God, advising them to refrain from such acts.

On the other hand, the Vice President appealed to Paramount Chief Mm’belwa to ensure young girls refrain from early marriage as this may affect their health and education, adding that it is also against the laws of the country.

He then assured all women that the government would continue supporting women in the country by uplifting their well being since they are pillars of the country’s development.

As part of the celebrations, the Vice President then contributed over 200 bags of maize and blankets to all Ndlovu kazi from the district-MANA

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