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Likoma to Have State of Art office complex

By Leonard Masauli

Likoma, October 5, Mana: Likoma District Council will have a state of the art office complex which will accommodate all government Departments’ offices operating on the island.

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Lingson Belekanyama unveiled the development when he visited the Council’s offices on Friday.

During the visit, the Minister noted that the district has lagged behind in terms of infrastructure development.

“We are considering to build an office complex for the Council because I have noted inadequate office space and we need build a state of the art office complex as we are doing in Mzimba and Phalombe districts,” Belekanyama said.

He said the Council deserves a better office for it to meet the standards of a tourism district.

The Minister condemned the current office which is under construction using District Development Fund (DDF) saying it was a substandard building and recommended that it should be demolished and that the space should be reserved for the construction of new office.

Member of Parliament for Likoma, Ashems Songwe appealed to the Ministry to consider constructing a three storey building to uplift the face of the district.

A number of Government officers in Likoma lack office space as sometimes a number of officers from different departments are forced to accommodate a single office while some operate in rented houses.

Construction works for the condemned office block commenced in 2017 and was pegged at K38 million before it was revised to K55 million.

The project was put on hold in 2018 when the Council issued a stop order to the contractor, after he issued another Bill Of Quantities amounting to K85 million for the project.

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