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Lesotho Police Hunt For First Lady

Lesotho police say First Lady Maesiah Thabane is on the run and a fugitive from justice after they failed to arrest her on Friday night, South African Eye Witness reported.

Accoring to the report, she’s wanted for questioning in the case of the fatal shooting of Prime Minister Tom Thabane’s second wife Lipolelo Thabane in 2017.

Police want her to explain a phone call that was made to Thabane’s cellphone from the scene. The attempt to arrest her came after her refusal to answer questions.

The Lesotho magistrates court issued a warrant of arrest for Maesiah on Friday night.  Police went to state house where they claim that initially the prime minister refused them entry.

When they finally went in and searched the official residence they couldn’t find her, and the prime minister said he didn’t know her whereabouts.

They have now labeled her a fugitive from justice but it’s not clear what steps they will take to look for her.

Both Thabane and his wife have fled the country to South Africa twice – first in 2014 – and in 2015 saying they feared for their lives.

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