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Ladies Empowered To Venture Into Small Businesses

By Blessings Kapina

Lilongwe, September 25, Mana: Lilongwe-based Female entrepreneurs have empowered young girls to venture into small businesses as a way of alleviating the increase of bad behaviours among girls.

Speaking with Malawi News Agency (Mana) in Lilongwe on Friday, Nighe Gwaza that ladies are supposed to set up small businesses and implement strategies that would assist them succeed and be productive rather than indulging in nasty practices.

‘’It is time that girls should rise up and set up businesses that will generate them income to meet their needs,’’ she challenged.

Gwaza said that, engaging in small businesses would help to combat early marriages in the country and dubious activities which may arise due to poverty.

She added that girls are capable of venturing into businesses of their choice and make tremendous achievements and success and in the end be of great importance to their families and country.

Gwaza said that the girls should be conversant with the Social media techniques as it was the best and cheap medium for advertisement and marketing.

She said that those who are privileged to have smartphones should take advantage of them in running their businesses.

“ As for me I do sell Kaunjika (Thrift shops) and I use the social media to get in touch with my customers and this technological advancement has helped me to easily make business possible,’’ Gwaza narrated.

She said that it was possible that some young girls drop out from School due various and financial circumstances but instead of just getting married they could set up some businesses which may help them take care of themselves and even assist them to pay for their school fees.

An entrepreneur, Vanessa Tsiga encouraged girls to attend free financial and business seminars which may be organised by Churches and any other organisations in the country, because such seminars provide skills which can make them be creative and business-minded.

She said that ever since she has been doing her beauty parlour and salon business she has been able to take care of her life.  She said that, girls should use the talents to create business for themselves

‘’When girls have nothing to do they end up indulging in unfruitful practices therefore I encourage young girls like me to find something to do so that they may become financially independent,’’ Tsiga said.

The Beauty Parlour Artist said that young girls should not look down upon themselves but rather they should have confidence in success as they are planning to start up their small scale businesses.

 She said that, for one to make great exploits the principle is to love what they are doing and put much effort.

For more information, you can find Gwaza on Facebook Nighe Nighe and Instagram nighenola

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