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Kwa ‘George’ Star B1 in Love With Malawi

By Tionge Kasolota

Zambia’s music icon, B1 real name Bruce Simbwalanga has described Malawi as his second home where he feels free and safe just like he feels when he is in Zambia.

The Zambian Artist said this in an interview with Mana Saturday morning after his mesmerizing show alongside Malawi’s Skeffa Chimoto at Mangochi’s entertainment beehive, Zitherepano.

The Kwa George hit maker, who kept the jam-packed dancing area wild with his performance, most of his songs were inspired by what happens in both countries.

“Malawi and Zambia share a number of things in common and when I’m in Malawi, I’m home,” B1 said.

He cited Kwa George concept as an example of one of the things that bind the two countries together as Malawi too has places many hardly associate with anything good.

The Artists described Kwa George as a song that casts light of hope in places where the less privileged live and where many think happiness cannot be found.

Kwa George is a ghetto in Lusaka just like Ndirande in Malawi and, in the song, that’s where I find the girl that wins my heart after searching in all countries that matter in the world,” the Artist explained.

He added that, “Happiness is the state of mind: those who think ghettos have nothing good to offer should shift their mentality and begin to pay to ghettos the amount of attention they pay to towns and suburbs.”

The song has lately become hit of the moment as it is enjoying massive play on radio stations and entertainment centres across the country.

The Zitherepano Friday night show began with Skeffa’s Real Sounds Band warming the stage with various songs before their band captain jumped on stage at around 23:30.

Skeffa sampled a good number of songs from his albums for some good 45 minutes before paving way for the Kwa George star, who stormed the stage with pomp that matched the patrons’ wild and deafening applause.

The Zambian artist of the moment dished out Chipute, Sikiliti Kubedi, and Perfecto, among others, before he struck on the highly expected Kwa George hit, which sent the patrons delirious.

By public demand, B1 had to play the song again and again before leaving the stage back to Skeffa at around 2AM.

The Chinamuluma Chakuda star seized the opportunity to appeal to Malawians to remain united and desist from inciting violence.

As the show wound up at around 03:30 Saturday morning, everyone who patronized it was left exhausted but satisfied that the MK3, 000 they parted with at the door had been worthwhile.

Phindu Promotions Director, Abel Kumwenda who organised the show thanked the audience for coming in large numbers.

“This is overwhelming and we are encouraged to bring our fans various artists this year so that they are kept entertained throughout,” he said.-MANA

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