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Kenya to Invest Millions in Agriculture

Kenya has underscored the importance of agriculture in the eradication of poverty by 2030, Kenya’s Standard Digital News reported.

In a message presented at the International Fund for Agriculture and Development (IFAD) by Agriculture Chief Administrative Secretary Ann Nyaga, the government noted that ten out of 17 SDGs are related to the performance of agriculture.

She called for urgent actions from the global community in order to accelerate the achievement of the goals and the desired results.

“Achieving SDG2 – ending hunger – requires increased and sustained investment in the sustainable food systems which have to be comprehensive and inclusive, efficient, gender-sensitive, utilizing technology and innovation and resilient to climate,” said the CAS.

She also stated that sustainable systems must adopt a one health approach addressing all factors towards food safety, minimize food losses and wastage along the entire value chain, and should adopt sustainable utilization of natural resources especially land, water and the ecosystem service.

Kenya called upon IFAD to enhance its country-level programmatic approach in addressing these highlighted issues. The conference underscored the need for young people to get into agriculture, calling upon governments to make it easier for them and women to own land.

Ms Nyaga said, “The growth of the agriculture sector cannot be realized without the involvement of the youth who constitute a substantial proportion of population in the developing countries. It is in view of this that Kenya Government led by President Uhuru Kenyatta who is also the Global Champion for the youth Agenda is spearheading implementing several youth programs.”

Kenya recently launched the Agriculture Sector Transformation and Growth Strategy (ASTGS) 2019-2029 for immediate implementation to position the sector to deliver the desired goals and also approved the IFAD Kenya Country Strategic Opportunities Programme (COSOP) 2020-2025 which is aligned with the strategy.

Ms Nyaga pointed out that climate change and erratic weather patterns continue to pose the biggest challenge to agriculture in Kenya which has been experiencing heavy rains, resulting in widespread flooding, currently, a severe desert locusts’ invasion affecting over 14 counties.

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