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Kamtukule visits Michiru Nature Sanctuary

By Abel Ikiloni

 Minister of Tourism, Vera Kamtukule on Friday visited Michiru Nature Sanctuary in Blantyre where villagers around Traditional Authorities Kuntaja, Kapeni, Kunthembwe, Machinjiri and Somba were condemned for deforestation and vandalising property such as houses for game rangers and a bridge.

Kamtukule called upon all the concerned parties such as officials from the Ministry of Tourism, Michiru Nature Sanctuary, wildlife officials, police and chiefs to come together and solve the problem.

She urged Malawi Defence Force (MDF) to intervene on the situation as a short term solution.

Minister of Tourism inspect guard of honour upon her arrival at Michiru nature sanctuary(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

Minister of Tourism, Vera Kamtukule annoyed with the villagers around Michiru nature sanctuary for cutting down trees careless -(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

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