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Job Seekers Injured In A Stampede In Mzuzu

By Easter Khunga

Mzuzu, June 9, Mana: Over 80 job seekers were Tuesday injured in a stampede at Katoto Secondary School in Mzuzu after a gate they were clinging to while waiting to get in the school’s campus for interviews was opened with full force.

Ministry of Health on Tuesday organized walk- in interviews in all the districts to recruit front line workers in the Ministry.

Efforts to talk to the interview organizers proved futile, as all the organizers refused to grant an interview.

However, speaking in an interview, one of the jobseekers, Lusayo Sichali of Sonda area in Mzuzu City said it is unfortunate that the situation turned out ugly following a stampede after the get was opened without the knowledge of the job seekers.

“We stayed for a long time on a long queue waiting to go into the school’s premises where the interview was supposed to be held. As we were clinging to the gate, some opened the gate from inside without alerting us and this resulted in a stampede and some got injured in the process,” he said.

The injured job seekers were immediately rushed to Mzuzu Central Hospital in an ambulance.

He added that the idea to recruit workers through walk- in interviews was a bad plan considering that many people in the country are jobless and it was obvious that the situation would turn ugly.

Mzuzu Central Hospital spokesperson Dr. Arnold Kayira confirmed that the hospital had received more than 80 patients who got injured at Katoto Secondary School stampede.

“All sustained minor injuries and there is no death as it is said on different social media platforms, but three of them are still admitted to the hospital for further observation while the rest were treated as out-patients,” said Kayira.

Meanwhile some of the job-seekers are still at the interview venue waiting for their chance to get employed while so many of them have given up.

The job seekers have currently been relocated to Katoto Secondary School Ground for the interviews.

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