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Japan gives K150 Million grants assistance to improve Ulongwe and Kapichila health centers

By Patrick Ndawala

Lilongwe, Mana: Government of Japan on Wednesday demonstrated its commitment to improve health service delivery of the country when it signed a MK150 Million grants assistance to Malawi for the construction of Kapichila and Ulongwe health centers in Kasungu and Balaka districts respectively.

Each health facility has received 91,124 US dollars (about K75 Million) to improve the health care services for the people of the two districts.

Japanise ambassador to Malawi His Excellency Satoshi Iwakiri said the government of japani is funding the two health center under the grant assistance for grass root Human security project.

The Ambassador emphasised on the need to reduce the distance for communities to access health service.

“Through this grant, Ulongwe Health center will construct an outpatient ward that will provide integrated health services. And in Kasungu, the grant will construct a health center that will provide maternity outpatient services.

Fr. Chingale and Ambassador Iwakiri exhanginng signed documents during the ceremony (Picture by Joseph Chikalipo)

These facilities therefore are expected to contribute to the reduction in home deliveries, maternal death and health curable diseases,” he said.

He said the construction of both health centers is in line with the aspiration of Malawi as depicted in the Malawi 2063 blue print.

He added; “for the country to achieve the aspiration in the vision Mw 2063, we must act now, and this grant contract is the start of that action needed to deliver the aspiration.”

He also called upon Catholic Development Commission in Malawi (CADECO) and Christian Health commission (CHAM) who are the implementing agencies for the construction of Kapichila and Ulongwe health centers respectively, to be prudent in utilizing the funds.

He urged CADECOM and CHAM to make sure the two projects finishes within the stipulated 12 months.

Speaking on behalf of CADECOM, Monsignor Archdiocese of Lilongwe Reverend Patrick Thawale thanked the government of Japan for a timely assistance to people of Kapichila.

Ambassador Iwakiri signing documents during the ceremony (Picture by Joseph Chikalipo)

He said the center will support over 13,000 people especially women of Sub TA Kapachila in Kasungu.

“As a church, we believe it is our responsibility to provide people spiritual and material needs. With the health center, people of Kapachika will be able to access health care service at a shorter distance,” he said.

The grants align with governments plans to uplift health- Kuyeli (Picture by Joseph Chikalipo)

Member of Parliament for Kasungu North East Madalitso Wirima whose Kapichila health center will be in her constituency was very thankful to the Japanese government for support people of her area.

“I was very excited the day I receive a communication that my request I asked the embassy to support people of my constituency with a health center has been approved. We all know that government has other competing responsibilities such we are very grateful indeed,” she said.

Hospital Administrator at Ulongwe health center Fr. Medrick Chimbwanya said the grant will help the center to construct an outpatient wards which will have a pharmacy dispensary, primary health care service and short stay room.

He said the health center is very critical as it currently serves 12,000 people of traditional authorities Kalembo, Kanchanga, Amidu and Chimwala.

“The present infrastructure which was built in 1970 is very old and small such that other people shun away from accessing ART service because of space. But with the new ward, I will be able to serve people of all health problems better,” he said.