Inventor, Nigerian aged 25 Releases First Nigerian Made Fiber Sports Car

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By Our Correspondent

A 25-year-old Nigerian man, Jerry Mallo, a fabrication engineer and Chief Executive Officer of Bennie Technologies LTD, unveiled the first Nigerian-made fiber sports car named Bennie Purrie. The carbon fiber car was unveiled on 28th November, 2019 at Transcorp Hilton in Abuja.

Speaking on the peripheral of the event according to The African Exponent Mallo said,

“Africa is a good market for luxury vehicles. I got that exposure when I was in the UK in Europe, we learned that making the car is just half of the challenge, and selling it is the other half. Africa is usually is the target place to sell these vehicles, so I feel there’s a big market for it here.”

The car is made with fiber that have characteristics of glass totally different from the normal cars in Nigeria made with aluminium. When the car crashes, victims do not get crushed since the car would break into pieces and the victims are protected with airbags. The car is equipped with 4 radiators in sync with Nigeria’s temperatures and rugged terrain. 

However, the car is not yet ready for commercialisation. Mallo said that it is not yet up for purchase as it is more like a research project at this phase. The target is to roll out the car in two years to come.