Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND – Year End

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

This day as I write is after Christmas, a day celebrated the world over regardless of what ones conviction, belief and faith is. As some people have been advocating perhaps 2020 should be struck off our calendars as a year cancelled to the elements. Yet it has been in such a time that humanity has thrived and shown resilience, in times when all seem to be a losing cause. If we pay attention we can and would have learnt a lot during this year.

Charles Leyman Kachitsa

For one thing 2020 has shown us that any man made arrangement is not permanent and that given certain circumstances every one has room to adjust which mockingly looks at each one of us and laughingly pose the question as to why we have no inner peace to forgive, giving up what would be considered a rigid position. Another question is whether there would be any pride left in running away from danger as again it has shown that any dangerous situation demands that those fleeing the scene have no iota of doing so proudly, as some would say you cannot do that majestically. Reminds me, what someone told me that to rescue a King/ Queen from a dangerous situation, you need to slap them hard first on their face perhaps for them to lose their pride before you do so.

We are now poised to accept that the year 2020 is coming to an end. There is nothing we can do about this. As they say life goes on. But as we accept this, again our own human arrangement of the days to make it into months and eventually into years, there is need for a deeper reflection. One of the things that the situation in the outgoing year has brought to the fore, is the question and meaning of life itself, what is life? what is the purpose of life? By extension as we reflect perhaps a proper question on an individual basis would be to seek our own personal purpose in life. Have we lived to a life we would say we have positively contributed to God’s purpose of life in people and in our own? Consequently, we may need to adjust if not already planning to do so in our definition of positive living for the coming year, one of which tenets is that we do not take things for granted.

On this note having said the above, all what I can say is that on behalf of all here at Leyman Publications; I, the management, staff and all – Wish you a Happy passage to the New Year 2021. Take it that things will be positively different in the new year which if you will and with our best of wishes should all bring happiness never experienced before to you and all associated with you; family colleagues, spouses, you need to name them. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021!

The quotations this week are an extraction from a book that about a month ago we looked at and learnt important life lessons from. I had not finished reading the book. but having done so have seen that its quotes all fits well as you reflect in crossing over to the new year 2021. I am sure that the selected quotations from this book listed below, will enlighten you to one or two additional reflective areas over your life, read and enjoy:

THE SECRET OF THE AGES by Robert Collier

“Take the miracles of Lourdes, or of St. Anne of Beaupre, or of any of the dozens of shrines that dot the world. What is it that affects the cures? Two things – Desire and Faith. ‘What wouldst thou that I should do unto thee?’ the saviour asked the blind man who kept following and crying out to him. ‘Lord that I should receive my sight.’ And again of the cripple at the Pool of Bethesda Jesus asked – ‘Wouldst thou be made whole?’ ——- Sounds like foolish questioning, doesn’t it? But you remember the story of the famous Saint of Italy, who travelled from town to town healing the lame, the halt, and the blind. A pilgrim hastening to a town where the Saint was expected met two lame beggars hurrying away. He asked them the reason for their haste, to be told, to his astonishment, it was because the Saint was coming to town. As they put it – ‘He will surely heal us, and where will our livelihood be then?'”

“Youth is not a matter of time. It is a mental state. You can be just as brisk, just as active, just as light-hearted now as you were ten or twenty years ago. Genuine youth is just a perfect state of health. You can have that health, and the boundless energy and capacity for work or enjoyment that go with it. You can cheat time of ten, twenty or fifty years – not by taking thought of what you shall eat, or what you shall drink, not by diet or exercise, but solely through a right understanding of what you should expect of your body. ———- Thomas Parr, an Englishman, lived to be 152 years old, and was sufficiently hale and hearty at the age of 120 to take unto himself a second wife. Even at 152, his death was not due to old age, but to a sudden and drastic change in his manner of life. All his life he had lived upon simple fare, but his fame reaching the King, he was invited to London and there feasted so lavishly that he died of it.”

“Our unconscious is a tremendous storage plant full of potential energy which can be expended for beneficial or harmful ends. Like every apparatus for storing up power, it can be man’s most precious ally, if man is familiar with it and, hence, not afraid of it. Ignorance and fear. on the other hand, can transform a live electric wire into an engine of destruction and death.”

The Big Hole, Open Mine or Kimberley Mine (Afrikaans: Groot Gat) Ferdinand Hirts Geographische Bildertafeln,1886.

“You remember the story of the poor Boer farmer who struggled for years to glean a livelihood out of his rocky soil, only to give it up in despair and go off to seek his fortune elsewhere. Years later, coming back to his old farm, he found it swarming with machinery and life – more wealth being dug out of it every day than he had ever dreamed existed. It was the great Kimberley Diamond mine! ———- Most of us are like that poor Boer farmer. We struggle along under our surface power, never dreaming of the giant Inner Self who can give us more even than any acre of diamonds. —- As Orison Swett Marden put it: — ‘The majority of failures in life are simply the victims of their mental defeats. Their conviction that they cannot succeed as others do, rob them of that vigor and determination which self-confidence imparts, and they don’t even half try to succeed.”