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Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Dr Charles Leyman Kachitsa

It appears while the world was not listening, ‘rap music’ faded away to be replaced by some genre we have not yet found a name for. While we could not see and while we were asleep, the sea receded, and its water became dirtier.

While we lost sense of smell, our world became polluted with poisonous undesirable carbon fumes produced from our own appetites for massive industrialisation. We have the power of making anything we desire as human beings some of which ironically for self-destruction.

Even while we sat down and lost the edge to walk, we lost all the forest trees, cut down and destroyed by those with an appetite for Armageddon, in some cases destroyed by man sparked fires.

While we could not smile at all, we lost all friendship and the love amongst people. Only to remain with stain faces that upon seeing them appear to be asking questions without saying them. Perhaps we need to revolutionise our thinking to realign it in gaining all we have lost.

The quotes this week are a continuation from the book that gives an account of historical events that have shaped this world. I am sure the selected quotations below from the book will enlighten you to one or two life lessons, read and enjoy:


The pattern established by Benedict’s Rule came to be applied widely and with great effect. For men and women, in all the parts of Europe and beyond, through times of monastic flourishing and periods of monastic decay, it remained a beacon pointing back to the disciplined stability of a spiritual ideal and forward toward growth into eternal blessedness.”

“With its central sacramental role in the salvation of sinners, the church also assumed immense significance for every other aspect of culture. Since the salvation of sinners is the most important imaginable task in life, leaders of the political sphere must cooperate with the church as it fulfills its spiritual tasks; those who exercise the mind must direct learning in ways that are compatible with church teaching; economic relationships should be structured to support the church in its mission, and ideals of social order will naturally imitate patterns that God has set for the church. In other words, with the widespread agreement that salvation was the most important reality, and the further agreement that salvation was communicated through and by the sacraments, it had to follow that the follow, as the administrator of the sacraments, should offer a foundation for everything else in life.”

“….. Problems arose and were compounded by distance and obstacles to communication, when Rome acted by itself to settle questions of doctrine or practice as if it did not need counsel from anyone else. In the words of Nicetas, the Eastern archbishop of Nicomedia, who wrote in the twelfth century after differences had hardened, ‘ we do not deny the Roman Church the primacy amongst the five sister Patriarchates ,,,, But she has separated herself from us by her own deeds, when through pride she assumed a monarchy which does not belong to her office ……“

“To make or confession short, we keep unchanged all the ecclesiastical tradition handed down to us, whether in writing or verbally, one of which is the making of pictorial representations, agreeable to the history of the preaching of the Gospel, a tradition useful in many respects, but especially in this, that so the incarnation of the word of God is shewn forth as real and not merely phantastic, for these have mutual indications and without doubt have also mutual significations“

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