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Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

There is a problem that needs to be sorted out or a challenging situation has just arisen requiring a solution. This is where novices would be separated from the upright. Upright in this case means a corrected, strategic thinking person. Let’s not forget, there is a problem, there is a challenging situation that has arisen requiring our full attention to solve it, to find a solution!

In problem solving one has to know the actual problem they are required to solve. That requires digging deep into the issue as quite often what could have triggered or being interpreted as the problem might be symptoms of the actual problems that are yet to be unearthed. A scientific approach to discovering the root of a problem is by asking the question ‘Why’ several times in a staged format where each answer leads to the next ‘why’ question.

Digging root causes of a problem requires level headedness. It demands a resolute mind that is not jittery. Too much verbose and complaining is a sign of weak faculties in ones strategic thinking mind. Such jittery people find it challenging to solve complex issues. An ideal attitude is one of being collected and most important being a good listener as well as a good observer. The world requires problem solvers.

The quotes this week comes from a book which foreword states that it is rare in life to discover writings in which every idea is sound and every word rings true. I am sure that the selected quotations below from this book will enlighten you to one or two life lessons, read and enjoy:


“I wish I had learned that I can do anything I really believe I can do. It may sound simple, but it’s the basis of any and all achievement (or lack thereof) in anyone’s life. As soon as I believed I could, I could ……. and before that, I believe I couldn’t, and I couldn’t. If you want to change your life for the better, change your belief about what’s possible for you, what you’re entitled to, and what you can accomplish if you simply put your mind to it. Sure, it sounds obvious, but until you live it, breath it, and make it part of who you are as a person, you’ll just keep getting what you’ve gotten in the past, which I’ll bet isn’t what you want. Start believing in yourself and your world will change for the better faster than you ever dreamed possible.”

“Life doesn’t have to Be Hard —- Most people think they need to fight and struggle. Not so. You can let life unfold. The secret is to focus on what you want, do what is before you to make it happen, and trust the process. —– Yes, life can be hard. —– But it can also be easy. —- Most of the difference is in how you look at what is happening. —– If you regard running a marathon as hard, you won’t find it very easy. But if you enjoy running and consider a marathon a personal challenge you welcome, then you will regard running it as easy. Yes, you may sweat and struggle and pant along the way, but you’ll enjoy it. —– As with everything else, the choice is yours.”

“You Can’t Stop Your Thoughts but You Don’t Have to Listen to Them, Either. —– Your mind will keep working night and day, awake and asleep, throughout your life. —– Good thing, too. You need it to help you walk, talk, drive, and live. —- But along the way you’ll notice some thoughts make you feel good, and other thoughts make you feel bad. Some thoughts will be good; others will be bad. Some thoughts will encourage positive behaviour, others may encourage negative behaviour. —- You don’t have to obey all your thoughts. —– A T-shirt I bought years ago had this saying printed on it: ‘Meditation is not what you think.’ —- Exactly. —– Meditation is that space behind your thoughts. The more you can pay attention to the screen where the thoughts appear, the more liberated you will be of them.”

“Everything Is a Projection from Inside You. —— You’ll find this hard to believe at first, but everything in your life is a projection from the shadow side of your own mind. —— I told you this would be hard to gasp. —– Blame and excuses are easy. They let you avoid responsibility. But your life is all about total responsibility. —– When you look around, all you notice is seen within your own mind. How it got there is from your own mental filters. To change anything, you must change the inside. —— This is difficult to understand because most people don’t have this manual. They were never told that life happens from the inside out. —– When someone upsets you, they pushed a button within you. —- When a situation occurs that you don’t like, it was drawn to you from your inside programming. —- If this is true (and it is), how do you change it? —— You have to own the fact that you attracted it. —- All of it. —– You then have to accept the inside of you and release it. —- So if someone upset you, look at how you upset yourself, love it, and let it go. As you change your inner self, you will find the outer change. —– This is a big principle. —- Sit with it.”

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