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Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

Education for humanity was supposed to be natural. From time one is born they learn and get educated by their parents or guardians, under normal circumstances, on the basics of life. Additionally, through observation they get education from the environment around them. The environment as a determinant of level of education is one of the important elements that have been forgotten by educators in some parts of the world today.

Stories have been told of human beings being abandoned in the thick of the jungle and being found by some animals with nearly similar behavioural attributes to people. In some cases the children are then adopted by the animals and such children raised in the animals’ environment have their education cut out accordingly. Things like learning of complete human language escape these children as part of their early learning since mostly they would be exposed to animal sounds depicting what ever is understood in that environment. Tells you not to take education for granted at all levels.

Some will say in most parts of the world, education has become a prestige and not a means to doing more for the good of advancing society. Indeed, in some cases the paper certificate one gets in being qualified for a certain vocation, becomes the godlike mantra that they can exhibit at any occasion without necessarily want of advancing improvement in that area of specialism under the qualification. What would be an education system without certificates, one would ask and perhaps not get a proper answer as our modern world is all now based on evidence, on who can produce evidence in form of documentation and not necessarily who can come forward to do what others may fear or have no knowledge of.

After all is said, all education is no education if it is not geared towards the advancement of our human living. Thus to make tomorrow a better day than was today or yesterday; that’s what learning is supposed to do. As a people, perhaps we need to go back to basics and learn from that which was to us the first creation of humans made from soil. And in soil we get our true education of the possibilities that with some watering in knowledge flouting out gravity would save and serve the masses of the world population making them more caring.

The quotes this week are a final extraction from a book that instructs on the benefits of story telling as a form of instruction and learning though others may call that education. I am sure that the selected quotations below from this book will enlighten you to one or two life lessons. Read and enjoy:


“Many people are thoughtless, some, as we have seen in choosing names for their children, some in other ways. Life is too important for us to adopt a careless attitude towards it.”

“People matter. Do not be so bound up with your own interests that you neglect others. They need, as you do, to be recognized as individuals who matter.”

“It is much easier to be destructive than constructive. It is far better to give than to take away.”

“It is very easy to be detached from other people’s problems. We often only begin to worry when trouble affects us personally. John Donne said, ‘No man is an island.’ We should remember this and be prepared to help our fellow human beings in distress.”

“Children and adults recognise the importance of courage and concern for others. To show gratitude, too, is important. A society which is founded on mutual concern and gratitude will thrive.”

“People with calm and an inner source of strength are the most helpful to be with in times of difficulty. They are a source of power to those around and they succeed in accomplishing a great deal.”

“People will upset you many times during your life-time. If you bear a grudge against someone who hurt you and if you are determined to have revenge, you will be very unhappy. You must remember that you, too, hurt others unintentionally. We should all strive to be kinder and more thoughtful towards our fellows but we must, at the same time, be prepared to forgive.”

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