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Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

Two weeks ago this write up was about things like food being enough for every living human being on this earth such that it’s not lack of it that is a challenge, but how it is distributed. Relatively, as human beings we need to do just enough of what ever we are doing.  Be it working or any such physical action, speaking or talking to others, consumption of food and drink, and even seeing or looking at things, you need to be balanced by staying in the middle.

Let’s start with, physical action. You just need to do enough when doing things, exert a balanced force otherwise too much force may be regarded as aggressiveness or being violent. On the other hand, too little force would be considered as inactive or simply being lazy, unproductive.

When speaking with others you need to know the limits, just speak enough within the limit. Too much speaking may irritate the hearers or you being considered as a noisy person. On the other side too little talking in self expression, too reserved in speaking with others may be taken as lack of confidence, mute and on the extreme as anti-social behaviour.

It also relates to eating and drinking. You need to find a balance, just eat enough for survival. Too much eating and or drinking of whatever substance is poisonous, the body starts to convert the excess into poison to kill itself. Again, too little or lack of interest as human being or living thing in eating and drinking has adverse effects on the individual as it may among others cause malnutrition.

Just like all above, seeing or to see things; you only need to see enough since if you saw more than enough, then you may be in danger as you might have seen too much. Seeing little is just dangerous as well, since your premise and judgement may be jeopardised by the little you have seen. All in all we need to do just enough, we need a balanced intake or take of things, perhaps except in knowledge which must be taken to the extreme.

The quotes this week are from a book that so fully advise on living a life that is so positive such that poverty runs away. I am sure that the selected quotations below from the book will enlighten you to one or two life lessons. Read and enjoy:


“A great many Christian and Mental Scientists say to me; ‘Why, I treat myself for success and for money nearly all the time. I resolutely refrain from holding thoughts of poverty, and I keep mental pictures of opulence before me with unvarying zeal, yet I am always poor. How is it the rule will not work with me?’ I answer such a one in this way. I say to him or her: It is quite obvious from your statement that you are not seeking the kingdom of heaven within, but the externals of it without. Seek it first within; give no thought to the externals at all; they will group themselves around the internal kingdom when you have found it. Treat yourself for a knowledge of truth; treat yourself for the wisdom that will disclose and develop within your own brain the source of all power, giving no heed to the external, and the external will manifest itself in wealth. It will manifest itself in the production of creative thought – thought which will seek expression to noble, courageous action. You will begin to trust the voice of aspiration, and are to follow where it bids you.”

“There is nothing truer than that the quality of thought which we entertain correlates certain externals in the outside world. This is the Law from which there is no escape. And it is this Law, this correlation of the thought with its object, that from time immemorial has lead people to believe in special providence. A man believes he is led by providence in a certain direction; the direction is not of his own choosing, so far as his consciousness is concerned. But the providence has nothing to do with it; there was that in the man, unrecognized by himself, which related him to some thing or some condition on the external plane, and under the Law of Correlation he went in that direction. Every thought a man can have relates him to some external thing and draws him in the direction of it. …..”

“For twenty years I have been telling men how rich they are. I have been looking at their undeveloped intellectual resources and searching them for new manifestations of genius ever since I can remember. I have seen them great and glorious, even when they looked upon themselves as pygmies. I have stood sponsor for the self-esteem of my friends and helped to develop that special bump, from a hole in the cranium to a decided protuberance. I was called ‘the liberator,’ because I could see so much more in other people than they could see in themselves; and this power of seeing does liberate the latent faculty in its structure and start it on its endless road to all growth. …….”

“What! Can a person by holding certain thoughts create wealth? Yes he can. A man by holding certain thoughts – if he knows the Law that relates effect and cause on the mental plane – can actually create wealth by the character of the thoughts he entertains. This creation must, at the time, be supplemented by courageous action, intensified by creative thought and knowledge of self; but such action is only a part of the thought. This Law is easy to understand, if one will only take the pains to investigate it.”

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