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Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

Life is beautiful, life is interesting. In life if you are constantly looking over the fence to other people’s patch, it may appear the grass is greener that other side, most often disregarding the fact practically at a distant you are only able to see the top of the grass.

Choices if not well trained, could be made irrationally especially when done without a proper audit of the subconscious and the reasoned consciousness. This all contributes to making life interesting as we are not all the same. When you are more enlightened you stand out, than most often those who are used to looking at the surface with the aim to admire only that they consider beauty. They are often confused about you and your power.

To make life always interesting one has to learn listening to their inner voice. If well trained, the inner voice always guides one to areas safer and more greener that would be by mare reason of being human. It is only by elevating ourselves to that higher spiritual realm that we all make our God given life senses alert, to continuously work for us including sniffing in good time moments of not to be missed opportunities.

The quotes for this weekend are extracted from a book that when read in full teaches the virtues and knowledge on how to avoid that which all humanity wants avoid at any stage of their life. I am sure that the selected quotations below from this book will enlighten you to one or two life lessons. Read and enjoy:


“That poverty is innate in man I am convinced by my own experience. It manifest itself first in fear. Fear is at the bottom of all poverty; fear of others, and distrust of self which is another form of fear, and the most deadly form of all. I am convinced that every shade and degree of opulence depends upon a man’s valuation of his own powers; opulence is not limited; it is we who are limited in our demand for it, and more especially in our expectation of it after we have sent out some feeble, half-fledged demand.”

“Man is a miniature world. He is the world condensed into a working form, and he really has the privilege of being what he wishes to be, of doing what he wishes to do; the only trouble being that he does not know his own power – does not know himself.”

“Thought is all powerful. Weak thought – by which I mean the thought you apply to yourself when discouraged – makes you weak, plants weakness in your body, renders you unfit for action and destroys your courage, even your ability, to advance along any line of intelligent development. ——-  But you do not have to think weak thoughts of yourself, and you no sooner begin to affirm this fact than you observe a change. You want to hold long conversations with yourself, in which you affirm that you are capable of thinking well of yourself and have the right to do so. Say, ‘I can and I will,’ and let the meaning of these words permeate every particle of you. Very soon you will be stronger, and better calculated to undertake some good, paying enterprise.”

“It is not economy to acknowledge limitations to creative thought. I will live my life and not die all the way through it. I am greater than money and a thousand times more positive. In the nature of things it is for me to command and it to obey. This is the law whose mandate is absolutely unchangeable. He who trusts the Law can come into the health of the Law and the opulence of the Law – an opulence which nothing but the man himself can stint.”