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Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

Language, any language is amazingly very rich with use of same word to mean a lot of things depending on a number of things when such word is voiced out. For a start what is known as paralanguage plays a great role on how a word or sentence voiced out is perceived by the listeners or to whom directed. Paralanguage involves such things as the tone, pitch, quality, volume of ones voice when they are communicating with others.

Let’s take for example the statement, ‘She slept with him.’  There are so many meanings one can deduce from this statement depending firstly on the subjects involved. It may be the speaker is talking about, could be girl or woman sleeping with their baby or a baby. But even though this may be the case, the tone and loudness of the one speaking to the listeners may mean something out of the ordinary. For adults of ‘different households’ this takes a totally different meaning to the listeners unless they mean it was in a hospital ward this happened whilst they were both on treatment.

Even a statement such as one would describe another doing a basic life necessity of eating as in, ‘I found him eating,’ could invite all sorts of interpretations to the receiver of the message. If one voices such a statement with a high pitch, may mean such act of eating was not appropriate at the time witnessed. Even voicing this statement in a very subdued manner, may also be that what was being eaten could have been something abnormal.

The quotes this week have been carefully selected from a book that if you read in full might contribute to your living a positive life as the year progresses since we have just began it. I am sure that the selected quotations below from this book, will enlighten you to one or two life lessons. Read and enjoy:


“I remember, not many years ago, a young theological student who came into my office and said to me that he thought it was his duty to come in and ‘labour with me.’ I asked him what had happened, and he said: ‘I feel it is my duty to come in  and speak to you, sir, and say that the Holy Scriptures declare that money is the root of all evil.’ I asked him where he found that saying, and he said he found it in the Bible. I asked him whether he had made a new Bible, and he said, no, he had gotten a new Bible, that it was in the old Bible. ‘Well,’ I said, ‘If it is in my Bible, I never saw it. Will you please get the textbook and let me see it?'”

“…… And many of us are right by the tree that has a fortune for us, and we own it, possess it, do what we will with it, but we do not learn its value because we do not see the human need, and in these discoveries and inventions that is one of the most romantic things of life.”

“He who can give to this people better streets, better homes, better schools, better churches, more religion, more of happiness, more of God, he that can be a blessing to the community in which he lives tonight will be great anywhere, but he who cannot be a blessing, where he now lives will  never be great anywhere on the face of God’s earth. ‘We live in deeds, not years, in feeling, not in figures on a dial; in thoughts, not breaths; we should count time by heart throbs, in the cause of right.’ Bailey says: ‘He most lives who thinks most.'”

“Great men, I have said, are very simple men. Just as many great men here as are to be found anywhere. The greatest error in judging great men is that we think that they always hold an office. The world knows nothing of its greatest men. Who are the great men of the world? The young man and young woman may well ask the question. It is not necessary that they should hold an office, and yet that is the popular idea. That is the idea we teach now in our high schools and common schools, that the great men of the world are those who hold some high office, and unless we change that very soon and do away with the prejudice, we are going to change to an empire. There is no question about it. We must teach that men are great only on their intrinsic value, and not on the position they may incidentally happen to occupy. And yet, don’t blame the young men saying that they are going to be great when they get into some official position.”