Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

Why do we need to follow laws? Naturally in normal circumstances human beings don’t like to have hedges put around them. We feel the expanse of the skies give us all the freedom to do as we please. However, as that freedom at the beginning meant people could do to others anything they like, laws were introduced. Tracing the records for their advent takes us to Moses in the Holy Book, the Bible, he received the first written laws from the creator Himself, God.

Laws regulate life, though with time as people felt pleased, they started looking for loopholes in every law given them. The result is that we have had, still have  sometimes people appearing very obedient to laws whose only remembrance of innocence before it is their own witfulness in finding loopholes where tighter laws exist. Of course life is not straight certain as what we would call law in other cases are not, but only ways to advantage the few in position to enjoy their side of the same laws.

Nature has laws, natural laws in every area which when observed to the letter produces the expected results regardless. It has been so from time immemorial that if we observe natural laws to chart harmonious environment, we get to that result without struggle. If we follow such natural laws resulting in human happiness, starting with the first set as given by God to Adam and later to Moses, the world will be a better place for everyone living in it. Everything has a law that need to be followed, life of abundance, health living, happy living, social harmony and all the nice certainties of life. It’s only that we have grown wiser and have invented our own laws and abandoned the natural laws or at least draw them following the natural laws.

The quotes this week are another extraction from a book that should make one when read to admire at nature and the things we know that we do not know. I am sure that the selected quotations below from this book will enlighten you to one or two life lessons, read and enjoy:


Do not fear being misunderstood; and never waste a moment thinking about your enemies. Try to fix firmly in your own mind what you would like to do, and then without violence of direction you will move straight to the goal. ——- Fear is the rock on which we split, and hate the shoal on which many a barque is stranded. When we become fearful, the judgement is as unreliable as the compass of a ship whose hold is full of iron ore; when we hate, we have unshipped the rudder; and if ever we stop to meditate on what the gossips say, we have allowed a hawser to foul the screw.”

“Character is the result of two things, mental attitude, and the way we spend our time. It is what we think and what we do that make us what we are. “

“These truths I hold to be self-evident: That man was made to be happy; that happiness is only attainable through useful effort; that the very best way to help ourselves is to help others, and often the best way to help others is to mind our own business; that useful effort means the proper exercise of all our faculties; that we grow only through exercise; that education should continue through life, and the joys of mental endeavor should be, especially, the solace of the old; that where men alternate work, play and study in right proportion, the organs of the mind are the last to fail, and death for such has no terrors.”

“There are those who never do a thing until they are told twice: such get no honors and small pay. Next, there are those who do the right thing only when necessity kicks them from behind, and these get indifference instead of honors, and a pittance for pay. This kind spends most of its time polishing a bench with a hard-luck story. Then, still lower down in the scale than this, we find the fellow who will not do the right thing even when some one goes along to show him how, and stays to see that he does it; he is always out of a job, and receives the contempt he deserves, unless he has a rich pa, in which case Destiny awaits near by with a stuffed club.”

…….. Sympathy and imagination are twin sisters. Your heart must go out to all men, the high, the low, the rich, the poor, the learned, the unlearned, the good, the bad, the wise and the foolish – it is necessary to be one with them all, else you can never comprehend them. Sympathy! – it is the touchstone to every secret, the key to all knowledge, the open sesame of all hearts. Put yourself in the other man’s place and then you will know why he thinks certain things and does certain deeds. Put yourself in his place and your blame will dissolve itself into pity, and your tears will wipe out the record of his misdeeds. The saviours of the world have simply been men with wondrous sympathy.”

“That the possession of wealth can never make a man exempt from useful manual labor; that if all would work a little, no one would then be overworked; that if no one wasted, all would have enough; that if none were overfed, none would be underfed; that the rich and ‘educated’ need education quite as much as the poor and illiterate; that the presence of  a serving class is an indictment and a disgrace to our civilization; that the disadvantage of having a serving class falls most upon those who are served, and not upon those who serve – just as the real curse of slavery fell upon the slave-owners.”

“Poise is the strength of body and strength of mind to control sympathy and knowledge. Unless you control your emotions they run over and you stand in the mire. Sympathy must not run riot, or it is valueless and tokens weakness instead of strength. In every hospital for nervous disorders are to be found many instances of this loss of control. The individual has sympathy but not poise, and therefore his life is worthless to himself and to the world.”