Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

Watching growth of flowers captured on video in slow motion is one of the most beautiful things one can watch again and again. Nature is fascinating in its expression at all levels. Flowerily growth is just an amazing thing that if observed make most people appreciate creation.

For one to clearly observe the phenomenon, one has to be patient. Patience as they say is a virtue that separates men who are able from those who though alive are just getting on with life as it throws things at them.

In any growth there are things to sustain and things to aid the growth process. For the flowers, the plant stalk, leaves and roots could be the ‘sustainers’ while the aiders normally are things external, in this case the wind, the sun, water, and animals like bees, birds. The same is true of human beings growth process, there are those things internal that sustain growth while external things aid the growing process. All I am saying is you may need others for you to grow.

The quotes this week are extracted from a book that brings the saying that each person has a story to tell home (true). Everyone has a story of their life they can narrate to the amazement of others around careful enough to listen. I am sure that the selected quotations below from the book will enlighten you to one or two life lessons, read and enjoy:


The world is divided into two types of people: those who love New Year’s Eve and those who hate it. Those who love it celebrate it by going to parties, wearing glittery deely boppers, joyously doing the conga, shouting, ‘TEN, NINE, EIGHT …..’ with gusto, kissing everyone in sight and generally feeling full of hope for the forthcoming year. The other kind – and they can be perfectly sociable for the other 364 nights of the year – find that New Year’s Eve plunges them into a black despair. I, to my shame, belong in the latter gang. ——– I can’t really articulate what happens to me, but when everyone else is looking forward, I look backwards. Old mortifications present themselves for inspection and I feel like a big fat failure. It’s like the stocktaking I do every birthday, only somehow far, far worse.”

Photo Taken In France, Cassis

“My relationship with men, fraught at the best of times, was further complicated because I half-expected to be investigated by the Boyfriend Police, in order to check I was treating myself with enough respect.”

“Then there’s the challenge of trying to remember the names of the people’s partners. If they’re still with them, that is. Because although I might be dying to ask, Are you still with that weird bloke with the rabbit fixation and the beard that looks like public hair? I just can’t. I’m supposed to know. And what if they’d children? A vague half-memory surfaces of being sent a photo of a squashed-looking new-born with a card saying, The world welcomes baby Agatha. Or was it baby Tariq? Or Christ! ….. Was it a dog this lot got? However, in such murky circumstances, I’ve found that a catch-all ‘Hope you and the gang are well’ usually suffices.”

“…… to be honest, the reason I’m here isn’t such a great one. Some angels just have a natural aptitude for the job. I, unfortunately, am not one of them so I’ve been sent to earth on a training course. In order that I can help humans I need to understand them. So while I’m here I have to commit – but not too enthusiastically, of course – each of the seven deadly sins. I’ve got seven days to do it in.”