Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

We should all look up to the sky. Some are wondering why look up to the open sky, yet we see it every time there is triumph especially by sports men and women. When they have scored a point or most importantly win a match, the first thing they do is look up to the open sky, some pointing up there. So we should all look up to the open sky continuously. Of course sometimes the same do look up to ask questions and look for favour when a near miss has occurred.

Looking up to the open skies is a sign of appreciation and thankfulness to the almighty in the universe who is maker of all things and it is automatic that those who have conquered recognise that they would not have done it on their own. Realising that there must be one invisible hand that propel those who can will with faith and guide them to surmount that what others would consider insurmountable.

It doesn’t mean though that while doing the task, while playing the game that our heads should be looking up to the skies. Strategy teaches us that you do that before the start and hold that picture when you drop your head down to concentrate on the task in hand but not forget to lift your head up again to the skies after successfully accomplishment of the task. We should indeed all be looking up to the open skies.

The quotes this week come from a book whose author is now a multi-millionaire businessman who cares passionately about giving back to the community. The book says that your mindset could be the single, most important ingredient to enable you to break through your glass ceiling and achieve success. I am sure the selected quotations from the book listed below will enlighten you to one or two life lessons, read and enjoy:


Self-awareness should only come second to oxygen; we must get to know ourselves. —- Clarity of vision naturally follows self-awareness.”

“I have found the easiest way to achieve a connection with my ‘inner self’ is to focus on one or more of my bodies senses, touch, feel, smell. I clear my mind of all thoughts except for the air entering and leaving my body. After a short duration of this totally relaxed state I can ask myself questions on a wide variation of issues and receive answers. ………”

during the UEFA Champions League Group E match between FC Nordsjaelland and Chelsea at Parken Stadium on October 2, 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“What’s stopping you from doing things you like, I I suggest it’s YOU, out of your wish list you can identify the things over which you have change, the things you can influence and things over which you have no power and can do nothing. You will be pleasantly surprised if you keep an open mind most wishes can be realised. Visualise your preferred options, do you feel great? Are you experiencing a zest for life? if so you’ve got it right.”

“Fear of failure – is the greatest inhibitor to change. When we view a proposition, we must look at a worst case scenario as well as the best possible outcome. The worst that can happen is still often better than doing nothing and living with the thought ‘what if I had given it a go, I wonder what would have happened?’ If you’re scared it’s quite easy not to do anything. Fight through it and turn it around by making yourself scared of what might happen if you don’t do it.”