Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

Today in a business meeting I had with a prominent international investor, he in a good way said to me that, ‘your country is full of laughing people’. The country meaning my country of birth, Malawi. It was a slip of the tongue believably as prior to that he had referred to the people of the country as very friendly based on his online research. It is believed he wanted to say it is a country full of smiling people.

Considering the above two words one would wonder what the fuss is between laughing and or smiling people. Would not both mean a people who are happy? Perhaps that can be said as the true meaning of both, thus if one has to be positive about such a description of a people. A people from the land so fondly referred to as ‘The Warm Heart of Africa.’

But what if he meant that the land is full of people with continuous laughter? This could be problematic to most and might cause some faithful advocates of this sweet country in question here to rash at the man describing the country as full of laughing people. You see in life everything has to be balanced. If you laugh majestically with control just a little about a descent duration, things are alright. Yet continuous laughter especially without cause, one would view you as either crazy, careless or not serious about things of life. Continuous laughter may have one being taken as mentally challenged and therefore requiring admission for rehabilitation at a mental health institution. The question is, would you say Malawi is a country full of laughing people? In all one has to be careful to defend ones own people and territory, reflecting it always in a positive light.

The quotes for this week is from a book which states that self-awareness is the master key to a successful mindset. Knowing oneself brings about clarity of vision and therefore opens the door to endless possibilities. I am sure the selected quotations below from this book will enlighten you to one or two life lessons, read and enjoy:


“Farmers are multifunctional and most don’t realise their attributes. Timing, Awareness, working in harmony with the environment, dealing with bureaucracy are daily issues for us. We are very clever; mindset for success has shown me we can turn our minds to achieve almost anything we wish. Farming provides us with a backbone for business acumen and is an ideal core business from which to springboard to other ventures.”

“If you believe it, smell, touch, feel it and live it, it will happen’ ——– Possession of a vision is inherent in all. Following of one’s dreams results in a powerful driving force. The vision is so strong that they can actually see themselves achieving it. They can live the moment in their minds and feel the vision and work out a strategy to achieve that dream. Most are constantly reviewing this process and adapting a renewing their dreams. The vision will always potentially provide them with the ultimate sense of achievement.”

“People with a high internal locus of control may not be able to change the world but they do believe that they can influence their situation. A person with an internal locus of control feels in control of his or her life.”

“Once you’ve identified what you would like to be doing, manoeuvre is the setting of steps needed to take to achieve your wish list. You can write down these objectives and a time scale you are happy with to achieve these wishes.”

“When people possess self-awareness and clarity of vision nothing seems impossible. They tap into inner resources and draw strength that is not normally available. They accomplished things that previously may have seemed out of reach. During this learning process, they discover the most important thing; the real limits are in our own minds.”