Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

There have been some events that chart the history of an entire generation. These may be celebratory and or they may be those seasons that people can best forget. There are some years that people who have lived through them, come out and in amazement talk to those who were not there, the wonders of life which saved them pointing above to the creator as the only one who could have taken a hand to their escapade.

History has meant that humanity has referent points from which lessons could have been learnt and lines could have been drawn never to be crossed again. The fact of the matter is that in certain cases humanity has chosen the path of destruction knowingly. For instance those who manufacture weapons for killing others, pretty much know from history that such has caused devastation yet they go on to make more sophisticated ones. People have known that disturbance of the ecosystem has dire consequences, yet our inquisitive minds make us want to probe nature by trying to experiment with uncharted methods.

All this should make us to tread carefully on all our endeavours as we are living what would be history in minutes ahead. The thing is you have the power gto change the moments and perhaps influence the future yet it is impossible to go back in time and change what part of life has been lived already.

The quotes this week are extraction from the book that when read in its antireality should make you understand that which is life itself.  I am sure that the selected quotations below will enlighten you to one or two lessons to benefit your world view, read and enjoy:


“You may have anything you want, provided that you (1) know exactly what you want, (2) want it hard enough, (3) confidently expect to attain it, (4) persistently determine to obtain it, and (5) are willing to pay the price of its attainment.”

“The first essential in the creation of anything – be it a house or an automobile or a fortune – is the mental picture or image. Before God made man, He ‘imaged’ him – He formed a mental picture of him. Then he poured His life-Energy into that image, and it became man. Before an architect builds a house, he draws a mental picture of it, he ‘images’ and it becomes a house. Before you can build a fortune, you must form it in your mind’s eye.”

“Success is not a thing – not a guerdon that awaits you at some far-off shrine. Success lies in doing well whatever thing you are doing now. It is a matter of mental attitude than of mental or physical capacity. You have all the fundamentals of it right now. But it is only the USE of them that can make you successful.”

“There is one unfailing Law of Increase – ‘Whatever is praised and blessed, MULTIPLIES! Count your blessings and they increase. If you are in need of supply, start in now to praise every small piece of money that comes to you, blessing it as a symbol of God’s abundance and love. Salute the Divinity represented by it. Bless Him and name Him Infinite and Abundant Supply. You will be surprised how soon that small piece of money will increase to many pieces. Take God into your business.”