Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

I have used the phrase, ‘This presents an opportunity’ to refer to moments which when taken advantage of could mean triumph in whatever one desires associated with their current endeavour. Of course, all situation of that nature where one identifies an opportunity, require most often subjectivity. Others may say that the art of choices play a part as to whether one moves on to take advantage of a situation.

Generally in life as long as you are living every encounter is an opportunity, all what matters is your attitude towards things and or events. Where one who has a negative attitude sees an encounter as all threatening, one with a positive attitude goes there smiling and leaps a reward. In fact, if entrepreneurship was to be defined creatively this later sentence would fit in such definition for people who take risk where others see as threat and thereby leap rewards.

so what’s the advice in all this? The main take home message in all this is that we all should enjoy life and take every encounter as opportunity. Wherever you find yourself, give maximum attention to all details there, eventually with thoughts impregnated with love you will experience opening of the eyes, a revelation of the opportunities available in the situation that others see only as threats.

In this weeks quotations, we learn about life deep lessons from a book authored by the celebrated writer of ‘The Secret of the Ages.’ I am sure that the selected quotes below extracted from the book will enlighten you to live a life of fullness and great expectation, read and enjoy:


“Enthusiasm is a mental or spiritual force which has always been regarded by mankind with respect – often with a respect mingled with awe. To the ancients it seemed to be a special gift of the gods, and by them it was regarded as an imitating the individual with almost divine attributes of power, and as causing him to absorb a portion of the essence of the divine nature. Recognising the fact that men under the influence of Enthusiasm often accomplish almost superhuman tasks, the ancients came to believe that this added power and capacity arose from the superimposition of power from planes of being above that of humanity. Hence, they employed terms to define it which clearly indicated their belief in its transcendent nature.”

“…. In faith-healing proper not only are powerful direct suggestions used, but the religious atmosphere and the autosuggestions of the patients co-operate, especially when the cures take place during a period of religious revival or at other times when large assemblies and strong emotions are found. The suggestibility of large crowds is markedly greater than that of individuals, and to this greater faith must be attributed the greater success of the fashionable places of pilgrimage.”

“You see prayers and affirmations are not for the purpose of influencing God. He has already done His part. All of good is always available to each of us. Our prayers and affirmations are for the purpose of bringing our own minds to the point where we can ACCEPT God’s gifts! We don’t need to work on conditions – we need only to work on ourselves. The only place we can cure our lacks and our troubles is in our own minds! When we have done it there, we shall find that they are cured everywhere.”

“When you have found your Real Self – ‘That something within’ – this ‘I AM I’ – then have you found that Inner and Real Self which has constituted the subject and object of that Faith and Confident Expectation which have inspired, animated, enthused and sustained the thousands of men who have reached the heights of Attainment by the Path of Definite Ideals, Insistent Desire, Confident Expectation, Persistent Determination, and Balanced Compensation. It is this Intuitive perception and consciousness of the Real Self which has caused men to live out the ideal of Invictus in the spirit of that glorious poem of Henley. Nothing but this inner realisation would have been sufficient to fill the soul of man with this indomitable spirit and unconquerable will.”

“If you are working for someone else and want a better job or more pay, start by BLESSING and being THANKFUL for what you have. Bless the work you are doing, be thankful for every opportunity it gives you to acquire greater skill or ability or to serve others. Bless the money you earn, no matter how little it may be. Be so thankful to God for it that you can give a small ‘Thank Offering’ from it to someone in greater need than yourself.”