Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

People differ in their interpretation of situations and events including of what they have heard. All has to do with the complexity of human beings influenced by such things as their belief, experience, knowledge, background and perspective of life in general.

One sees another person jumping over and over on bare ground and they may interpret that the person is performing some sort of magic. Another sees them and straight away because of their own understanding concludes that the person is doing some exercise. Yet unbeknown to all the person is avoiding been bitten by ants, those kind that bite, the hungry ones that converge uninviting at ones feet for a feast.

If all a person know is that for anything to happen there should be an external force and that chance or luck must be on their side, they would be superstitious about any happening. To such people any triumph must be from some administration of charms of luck otherwise they would not see that winning is a given phenomena provided for man right from the start of creation. On the other hand, people with positivity know that to overcome is guaranteed and comes from that which in the first place is inside any living human being. We only need to choose, our choices tell it all.

The quotes this week are a continuation of extracts from the book we looked at last week. I am sure that the selected quotations from this book below will enlighten you to one or two life lessons, read and enjoy:


“So I’m saying this: I was there as the leader of the women. As I said that most of us, we were…. we had the spirit, but we were too young to convince our chiefs that we meant business; we were going to rule this country. So it was then that we had called the public meeting in Ramsey Hall and invited the chiefs to come and attend the meetings. It was there that Manoah was asked to resign from Federal Government. He refused. And it was there that he lost his popularity. ——- TDT, having agreed with him, also lost popularity. It was there and then that a declaration was taken that we must invite Dr Banda to come back home and lead us.”

“We actually expected him to arrive on the 29th of June. He did not come, but we all went to Chileka airport, and the airport was full of people, and people were really organised. —— There was a young man – he’s an old man now – Katola Nyoni, he organised the small chaps, composed songs for the arrival of Kamuzu. It was something unheard of and they sang. They sang songs. There were so many of us at the airport until the plane came. But Kamuzu was not there. It was so ….. somehow embarrassing and very disappointing. The people had to disperse and we went away.”

“Only one nurse was allowed to come to the hospital and that was Cecilia Kadzamira. She used to bring a jug of milk for the baby. The prison orderlies would scold her, but she took them on, told them the child needed milk. For the two weeks I was there, she really attended to me very well.”

“I really took it to be my duty to perform. I had this feeling that there is need for women to understand….. It is indeed something that one cannot understand. Even today I still see that women do not have courage. What stops them. I don’t know. —– God has given us a life and a duty to perform… If I feel it myself. I can’t say. ‘Iwe, can you do that……’ I saw that our people were suffering.”

“No I was never an official hostess. Before the State of Emergency, the Official Hostess was Elizabeth Mwase. —– A person comes in the way Banda came to Malawi. You say, ‘hohoho!’ Then everybody scatters and goes home. Who is left to look after him? It all fell in the hands of Yatuta Chisiza, the party’s Administrative Secretary. He took care of Banda. Not many people were willing to go to prison. They were afraid.”