Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

Sometimes you tell a story and get excited that it will excite those hearing it and then you realise it is getting a totally opposite reaction. The same is true with jokes, you crack one expecting those hearing it if they are many to laugh, only to see them nearly crying. At least if you are joking to one person they will pretend to have been mesmerised and fake a laugh that can pass for the most highest pretence if it was a competition. Where a boss is cracking the joke, the subordinates or workers have no option but to laugh and compete amongst themselves, if it is said to a group, expecting to get a pay rise with such compliance. Thai’s all forgetting the corporate acceptable facial appearance and gestures at work of stern faces or sombre looking faces.

Yet in all this there are some stories you hear and all will agree that we need to be sad and if crying were something you can edge one to do, then you would harmlessly ask others to cry religiously with you. For such stories tell the darker side of human beings which at an instant can turn to animal like behaviour almost often led by fear of the unknown. It is true that it is fear that has caused many a suffering in people; be it if you talk of racism, cruelty, violence, murderous behaviour, wars, civil unrest, anger, jealousy you name all, they all have one common denominator; FEAR. Although some would say the trigger of the negative behaviour might be ‘love’ of the thing they are protecting. Such love is not natural pure love, the steps to finding a positive solution is in discovering pure natural positive love that does not destroy but preserve that which was created by the one Creator, God.

The quotes this week again come from a book carrying the story of a brave lady who endured what most would not imagine but she overcame that. I am sure that the selected quotations below from this book will enlighten you to one or two life lessons, read and enjoy:


“All of us are equal here. We need an elder to lead us, to whom nobody can be second.’ Here Chisiza was directing his speech at Orton, who was still vice-president. ‘Kamuzu Banda is one of his own and below him we all become equal. Now, since we have such a person as Kamuzu Banda, and since we all love him so much, don’t we all want him to be life president?’ ——— People were confused. They had put youth leaders on the front rows, who were shouting and dancing and deliberately making it hard to understand what was actually going on. Pamphlets with a picture of the leader as ‘life president’ were quickly distributed and the new title was confirmed. Orton had been couped again and he was shocked.”

Vera Chirwa

“Orton sent me a ticket to come home and attend the independence celebrations in July 1964. The Queen’s husband, The Duke of Edinburgh, came to represent the British government. When we reached State House to celebrate we were all disturbed by the fact that a barrier had been put up with Dr Banda, The Duke, Kadzamira and the other dignitaries on one side and the rest of us on the other. The hall was simply cut into two by a rope and we were surprised and rather displeased to find a barrier at out own independence celebration. ——– Dr Banda never stayed long at parties. Even with a chief guest as important as the Duke of Edinburgh, he left early. ——– He referred to his minister as ‘my boys’, which they of course felt very offended by, except Orton, whom he always called ‘Mr Chirwa’. That evening the leader sent for Orton: —–‘Mr Chirwa, I’m leaving now. Look after our guest, the Duke of Edinburgh.’ —- Orton and I then crossed the barrier and I danced with the Duke. It was a special moment to dance with this ultimate representative of the British Empire in celebration of the freedom for which we had fought so hard. After Dr Banda had left the Duke broke the barrier down. He removed the rope and went to dance with almost every woman at the party. People were pleased.”

“Unfortunately, the letter was a great mistake. Chiume included personal attacks that had nothing to do with the political substance of the conflict and greatly upset both the Governor and Banda. The rift widened even more and on Monday 7 September, the President recalled Parliament for an emergency sitting the following day at which he dismissed Orton, Bwanausi, Chiume and Rose Chibambo from their posts under accusations of conspiracy. Yatuta Chisiza, who was minister of Home Affairs, and Chokani, who was Labour Minister, resigned in sympathy the same day.”

“As usually they did not say anything. Things turned even stranger, when they brought a chair and urged me to sit on the veranda, and to top it all they sat a chair beside me. I faced the gate and suddenly Mr Mwale and some other high-ranking officers entered my yard. There was someone walking behind them and as they came closer I saw it was Fumbani. —– They never charged Fumbani. We had not seen or heard of him since I saw him step out of the car in front of me and go into an open prison shortly after our abduction. While we were on trial for more than one and a half years, they kept Fumbani locked up and pressed him to give evidence that we had come to Malawi to kill Dr Banda. They tortured him with spanners and electrical wires and tried to turn him against his own parents. He was only 22 years old. They did not succeed in making him their crown witness. He stood against it, but Fumbani has never been the same since. He has a lot of scars on his body, but his soul is even more scarred. He gets depressed and does not want to talk to anybody . To date he does not want to tell his story and it is a big problem.”

“God was very near to me and it kept me from being totally destroyed by the physical and mental torture I had to endure. After that revelation I always looked forward to spending my nights singing and dancing with the angels in my dreams. God saved me from going insane in there and a couple of years later I even got hold of a Bible from a prisoner who had been released. The other women prisoners quickly grabbed the clothes and utensils she had left behind, but I managed to get her Bible. I read it more than three times from Genesis to Revelation over the years.”