Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa 

As more and more people started to return and report to the generals that they would not be willing to go back, the generals had no choice but to accept their wishes. However, overwhelmed with large numbers of returnees they had to start asking questions from those returning as to what really was out there making all of them to detest going on and making them lose their courage that made them to be employed in the army in the first place.

From the answers of the returnees upon being interrogated as to why they had returned in haste, one could not make out what was really out there, making them turn into desolate soldiers. All the returnees could say is that they had heard that there was some monster far ahead. A story that was exaggerated by the narrators whenever heavy rain was falling down making the hearers listen uncomfortably with some firing their weapons in panic at nothing as a result. All returnees agreed that though they had heard of this animal hiding somewhere ahead of them, none of them had seen it, none had the courage to go and explore what it was that they all feared. Finally the description became clear as to what all were running away from, they were running away from ‘fear’.

So it was ‘fear’ that made competent soldiers return home without the usual celebrations. Most had dreamed of a return from the battle field that was to be the most exciting moment with family members waiting to receive them. In their dreams punctuated with all the major news outlets announcing the return of some gallant soldiers from what would have been described a successful mission. All this was never realised by these at one time brave soldiers now turned the most feeble citizens, all because of fear. None could work it out that the solution was action in going forward to see what the gossips gave life to as a monster, for unbeknown to them, well now known there was no such beast, it was all an illusion by one soldier fond of playing video games and creating imagined characters as a result.

The quotes for this week are extracted from the book which is about a re-think of our human capabilities. When read in full, it takes you deep into rediscovering perhaps your purpose in life. I am sure the selected quotations below from this book will enlighten you to one or two tips on how that can be realise, read and enjoy:


“Imagination is that drive, that dream, that search for the unseen order we all suspect lies beyond the reality we all have grown accustomed to, the facade of life.”

“But we, who exist in the world of matter, can only disrupt that perfection of paradox by attempting to observe the pattern. We pay a large price for a material world. The price involves our sanity. We cannot make total order of our observations. There always appears to be something missing. This disruption of God’s order appears to us as the Principle of Uncertainty. Thus we become helpless, feel inadequate, and long for the order we are helpless to create in the universe. All we can do is go along with it. ——- On the other hand, we are free to choose. Our very helplessness to create a perfect order allows us to create. You might say that the uncertainty principle is a two-edged sword. It frees us from the past because nothing can be predetermined. It gives us the freedom to choose how we go about in the universe. But we cannot predict the results of our choices. We can choose, but we cannot know if our choices will be successful.”

“Beyond lightspeed, an object or a consciousness would be completely free of the shackles of space and time. It could ‘drop in’ at any time, past or future. It could visit anywhere at an instant. All points in the universe would be its home. Quantum mechanics was indicating a meaning for this poetic thought. The universe is not just a collection of separate points. It is what it is according to the observer and what he or she does. By identifying with the ‘quantum wholeness’ of the world, the observer ‘becomes’ the observed. He is what he sees.”

“In a world where destiny rules, no choice is possible. a human being, like every other thing, living or dead, must follow along a well-trodden, predetermined path. There is no room for wilful action. You may feel your past actions were freely chosen, but with a flash of hindsight, you probably see that you really wouldn’t have made any other choices. On the other hand, perhaps you look back at your past and wish you had made other choices. Look again. You will undoubtedly find some little reason, some plausibility, that convinced you, at the time, that you were making the correct choice. In other words, you behaved reasonably and logically.”