Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

Imagine a competition of running backwards with one of the rules that the competitors keep their heads straight. With such there could be a lot of falling overs. In fact I would imagine that the better a backward runner in being faster, the more likely they are going to lose the competition. This is simply because the more faster you run backwards, the more the chance of falling over and being overtaken by the others. So perhaps it would be the one who would be doing such race slowly that may emerge the winner.

So should we be running backwards as we exercise? No!  Such is going against nature, nature always wants to move forward and forward is where the eyes are looking. It is where you are going that matters in life. As a test, I don’t know whether the point that one would be running backwards can be referred to as where one is going. For all things being equal, going has always been associated with forward thinking and perhaps on a deeper positive level means visionary thinking.

As we get on with the New Year, reminding ourselves it’s still the first month of January, we need to avoid going back to old bad habits that might cause us to go backwards instead of forward. This is recommended knowing that you are more likely to fall running backwards while the fall experienced while running forward is always progressive forward looking.

The quotes for this week are taken from a book that when read in full should make you reflect and improve on awareness of your own purpose for living. We all have a task in the scheme of the world. I am sure that the selected quotes below will enlighten you to one or two life changing lessons. Read and enjoy:


“…. Moment follow moment. Time matches on whether or not we wish it to do so. Returning to the original example of you holding this book in your hands, notice that even to grasp the idea that you are reading requires change. You cannot hold the moment still. Even your awareness that you ‘know’ this has, just this instant as you read on, passed into the past. There is no ‘I.’ There is no you. There is only change and movement.”

“What do we mean when we speak of ‘reality’? We usually mean the world that we sense. That world out there is made up of things that we can see, hear, taste, smell, and touch – real, solid, substantial objects of our everyday existence. We take it for granted that those things would exist in their same sensible form even if we were not there to observe them. Our observations simply verify an already existing reality.”

“The speed of light plays a very special role in modern physics. It is the upper boundary, the highest speed in the universe known today. All of matter, light, and electromagnetic radiation can be said to be incarcerated at speeds never exceeding lightspeed.”

“A scene from Luis Bunuel’s brilliant film, The Phantom of Liberty, presents the French Revolution with a novel twist: the revolutionaries cry, ‘Down with freedom! Give us tyranny or give us death!’ Indeed, the price of freedom is high. That, old need for security invades our dreams of utopia. Don’t we all want to know that there is something controlling us? Don’t we all seek something bigger than we mere mortals, perhaps something hidden, something responsible for it all?”