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Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

It is a principle of life and the intention of the creator that we all need to grow and must grow. All living things do grow one way or the other including in strength.

Look at the trees or generally plants, they all grow from their form of seedling to a small shoot susceptible of being tossed around by the wind to a capable huge trunk so strong to withstand stormy winds. Growth is a necessary part of life.

With humans growth, if normal, bring more changes in life than was there before. It might be in stages but it is still growth, such that one transfixed for a prolonged period at any stage of growth in their life, is considered abnormal or a misfit in society. Growth in people signifies body or bodily growth, changes in language by accumulation of more vocabulary and change in temperament, of course it also means building of more resilience and strength in facing difficulty life elements. At a higher level it means a change in ones world view and generally meaning of life. We all indeed need growth or should we say need to embrace it as we have no control but to grow.

The final extraction of quotations for this week are from the book that I have come to realise has meaning to living life as it was meant from the beginning. The book when read in full, makes you understand that humans have no limitations in their potential for doing things, it all depends on what you want and how you define your purpose on earth. I am sure the selected collection of quotes below from the book will teach you one or two things in that respect, read and enjoy:

MIND INTO MATTER – A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit by Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.

“The important point here is that the end points emerge into space and time because of our desire to have a story. You and I conceive of the beginning and ending events and then we measure them, see them, or sense them in any manner given to our senses and our abilities – our sensibilities. The story emerges at the instant we sense it, not before. We create both a past and a present or a future and a present for every story we believe to be true.”

“As it turns out, the story line with the greatest probability becomes what we are aware of. It becomes our remembered history. This history, in turn, becomes significantly meaningful. And meaning itself has a quantum physical basis. Significant meaning arises as the most probable story between an event in the future and an event in the past. Hence, that which is meaningful turns out to be that which is most probable, the most plausible, and that depends on a lot of things including what we believe and what culture we accept as real.”

“…..we seem to ‘live’ the history as it happens. We make it a ‘living’ story. We live in a river of time in which the source of the river (our past) and its final destination ahead of us (our future) already exist. ….. —— Notice I use the words observed and imagined here. The observation of an imagined history requires that both starting and ending events be specified. Leave one of them out and you do not specify a precise history; nor will you have a memory of it; nor will you experience it. Now, by ‘specify,’ I mean something rather specific: To specify a history, it must ‘enter consciousness,’ be ‘content for the mind,’ ‘lay down a track in memory,’ and so on.”

“The alive and vibrant soul subjectively experiences life through our bodies. The world that we see with our everyday eyes – through the filter of our senses – derives from a more ‘objective’ world. That ‘out there’ objective world and the subjectively experienced ‘soul world’ conflict with each other. Spiritual teachers have taught us that when living spirit descends into objective matter a fight ensues. So if we become too involved with the objective, external processes of life, we tend to lose touch with perception from the soul level. When we go within to an internal quietness, as in meditation, we begin to perceive something deeper and more meaningful than just the objective ‘out there-ness.’ So, if we have lost touch with our souls, we need to spend some quiet time- not in thinking, not in going over the day’s list of everything that has to be done, but in being with ourselves in ways that allow a deeper inner reality to bubble up from within our consciousness.”

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